Burning Sensation in Feet: Causes, Treatment and Home Remedies

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Burning sensation in feet

The extensively familiar reason for burning feet is nerve damage, steadily associated with diabetes. There are distinct probable reasons though, also. The irritation and discomfort from burning feelings in your feet can be periodic or continual and span from mild to serious. Your soles may sense heated, tingling, numb, or prickling. The irritation is often painful at night time.

A burning sensation in your soles may be inflicted by nerve ravage in the legs, also named neuropathy. Albeit several medical circumstances can be the reason for burning feet, diabetes is greatly common. Vastly burning feet therapies concentrate on staving off further nerve damage and decreasing irritation and pain.

burning sensation in feet

Causes of burning feet

While exhaustion or skin disease or infection can result in interim inflamed and burning feet. Burning feet are greatly often an indication of nerve defect (peripheral neuropathy). Burning feet syndrome is caused by Vitamin deficiency anemia. Nerve damage retains several distinct reasons, comprising chronic alcohol use, diabetes, a certain B vitamin reduction, exposure to particular toxins, and HIV disease.

The feeling of burning feet can appear from a vast range of circumstances. It’s significant to discern a reason so you can obtain therapy or treatment. Several reasons, such as a sole fungus such as athlete’s foot ad shoes that are very tight or uncomfortable, can be fixed effortlessly.

Here are some apparent causes of burning and inflamed feet

Alcohol use disorder
Exceedingly alcohol usage can direct to another kind of nerve defect called alcoholic neuropathy. In expansion to the feeling of burning feet, signs include:

  • Muscle deficiency, muscle cramps, and damage to muscle procedure
  • Bowel dysfunction and urinary
  • Dizziness
  • Distorted speech

Diabetic neuropathy (nerve pain affected by diabetes)

Years of uncontrollable high blood sugar can deliberately ravage your blood nerves. High blood sugar lessens the communication of signs from the veins. This can influence feeling to several portions of the physique, comprising the soles. High blood sugar also diminishes the blood container walls that hold nutrients and oxygen to the nerves.

Complex regional pain syndrome. 
CRPS happens in a leg, extensively common after surgery or wound. It pertains to nerve defects that influence the signaling from the backbone/spine and brain. Signs comprises :

  • Burning irritation
  • Swelling
  • Discrepancies in skin complexion or texture
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome can impact the immune system.

Feeling of Burning feet can be one of several symptoms of different diseases and syndrome, including:

  • Lyme disease
  • Syphilis
  • HIV
  • Shingles

Remedial chemicals utilized to destroy cancer disease cells that may have side impacts, comprising acentric neuropathy. Further muscular and nervous systems side impacts of chemotherapy may comprise:

  • Exhausted, achy, or weak sensation in the body and muscles.
  • Calmed down motor skills or reflexes.
  • Equilibrium and coordination issues
  • Muscle deficiency
  • Irritation and discomfort

Tarsal tunnel disease
This syndrome pertains to a circumstance where the veins/nerve that drives from the ankle to the sole is extracted because of inflammation or a wound. This can bring discomfort and swell to the foot. The irritation may expand up the limb.

It is significant to receive ahead therapy for this ailment just before the nerve defect comes to be permanent.

Athletes foot
This is an infectious fungal disease often detected in athletes. Moreover, this is also recognized as tinea pedis. It can also influence the hands and toenails.

An underactive thyroid alters the equilibrium of hormones in the human body. This can result in inflammation that imposes a burden on your veins and nerves. In expansion to burning sensation soles, signs of hypothyroidism comprise tiredness, dry skin, and weight gain.

Vitamin depletion anemia
These vitamin B (Vitamin B 12, vitamin B 6, and vitamin 9) deficiencies can be the reason for burning soles and muscle coordination issues.

Anemia, a weakness in functional red blood cells(RBC), may too due to vitamin B depletion. Other signs of vitamin poverty anemia encompass exhaustion, dizziness, and lack of breath.

Chronic kidney disease

When your kidneys quit functioning appropriately, poisons accumulate in your blood. This can direct to the itching and tingling of feet. It can also be resulted in:

  • Decreased urine production
  • Unexplained deprivation in breathing
  • Sickness
  • Turmoil

Treatment options for burning feet

Medication for burning feet relies on the underlying reasons. Always, therapy can be easy and straightforward. You may need:

  • Antifungal medication for athlete’s feet.
  • Better safe and relaxed shoes
  • A remedial supplement in your shoes
  • Vitamin B supplements
  • Thyroid inserts

If diabetes is affected, you may require to alter your nutriment or drugs. Your physician may also specify medications to enable nerve irritation.

For serious nerve injury, nerve stimulation may assist, like:

  • Electrical nerve impulse
  • Laser treatment
  • Magnetic therapy
  • Light treatment

Exploration is moreover going on for distinct fresh pain treatments.

Alternative therapies, like acupuncture, may enable some people to relief their sensation in feet.

Home remedies for burning feet pain relief

It is crucial to visit your physician about this kind of discomfort and pain. But there are some aspects you can attempt at your home for immediate relief:

home remedies for burning feet

Rinse your soles in frozen water and ice baths for some minutes. Nonetheless, this is not suggested for victims with erythromelalgia. It may ravage their skin.
Chill water is handily accessible compared to different other home treatments, hereupon it’s one of the useful treatments for inflammation foot and is extremely easy. Numbness, Swelling, tingling in the soles will be alleviated by this treatment. Compress the foot tub with frozen water and rinse it for some moment. Then put up with comfort for some period and rinse it then again. Playback this several times regularly. Recall that rinsing in icy water is suggested against Erythromelalgia. It may direct to responsive ulcers, flaring, and different skin issues.

These few easy home remedies you can perform by yourself at home. Often choose simple and natural treatments because the adverse impacts are extremely limited than contradicted to chemical solutions.

Soak your soles in an apple cider solution and Epsom salts. If you are suffering from diabetes then ask your physician before trying this remedy.

Apple cider vinegar is supposed one of the reasonable home treatments for inflammation feet and can equalize the pH level of your physique. You can utilize it in two different manners,

You can drink a mixed solution of some teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a cup of water each day.

Also, You can rinse your soles in the hot water and put in some apple cider vinegar in its hot water. Put in some sea salt to obtain a satisfactory outcome. Similarly, for an instant outcome, you can perform this procedure twice a day.

Epsom salt due to its magnesium portion reduces irritation and swelling in the feet. Also, can alleviate the inflammation sensation and calm your soles. It’s one of the beneficial home treatments for burning sensation in beneficial put up with turmeric inoculated. The curcumin in turmeric may deliver relaxation and contentment for nerve irritation.

Curcumin is recognized to have defensive anti-swelling, antimicrobial and antioxidant impacts. It is also a thought belief source to enable neurological signs.

Turmeric enables enhancing flow and blood circulation. Furthermore, turmeric retains curcumin elements and anti-inflammatory commodities which assist in decreasing irritation in your soles and limbs.

  • Pertain to a useful lotion that includes capsaicin or lidocaine. A home formulated ginger or turmeric remedy may function excessively.
  • Ginger is also a helpful component for inflammation feet. It enables decreasing burning feelings in the soles and as well as improves blood flow. Put up with a teaspoon of juice of ginger, put in some olive oil, and blend it sufficiently. Then massage your limb and feet with the solution for 15-20 minutes. Reiterate this procedure once a day. Moreover, you can drink ginger tea regularly till the situation gets satisfactory.
  • Bitter Gourd: You can try bitter Gourd because it’s one of the useful treatments for burning sensation in feet for a lengthy period. Ready the paste of bitter gourd with bitter gourd leafage and mix water, then pertain to the mixture on the affected point to decrease the symptoms. Reiterate the method if it’s essential.
  • Massage your soles or feet to assist in enhancing blood circulation and flow.

This Following Ayurvedic treatment that functioned for an Ayurveda believer.

Elements for therapy

  • Indian jujube/date / Plum leaves
  • Ziziphus jujuba
  • Rice congee

How to prepare:
Chop and grind congee and leaves and prepare a good consistency paste of them.


  • Rub your foot with this mixture.
  • Prevent salt, spices, chilli, and tamarind.
  • Consume rice with fresh green gram and put in some ghee.
  • You can also eat rice with sugar and milk.
  • Drink barley water, watermelon juice, buttermilk, and coconut water.

However, burning and inflammation feet are symptoms of several medical issues but this issue may also happen if you stroll continuously for hours, particularly in summer seizing a lot of pressure, uncertainty in your brain, the anxiety on the mind.

Consuming a healthy diet and balanced food, consume limited sugar and salt, and everyday strolling, exercise, yoga, and meditation assist in the overcoming of this issue.

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18 thoughts on “Burning Sensation in Feet: Causes, Treatment and Home Remedies

  1. Sanjay

    l am having a burning sensation in my two legs and swelling beside my right leg knee. l can’t stand for a long time and work. please tell me good advice that I enjoy for life every time.

    1. admin Post author

      Consuming a healthy diet and balanced food, consume limited sugar and salt, and everyday strolling, exercise, yoga, and meditation assist in the overcoming of this issue.

    1. admin Post author

      Normally burning sensation or pricking sensation happens in the feet or palms. It can happen because of nerve damage. So when there is nerve damage, it can cause over-reaction of the nerves. So it causes tingling, pricking, and burning sensation, this can happen in some cases like diabetes, or because excessive smoking or chronic renal failure, or any kidney disorder-like conditions.

  2. Ankith

    I am a 34-year-old woman and my foot and palms are in pain and burning also can you please help me and please let me know the causes.

    1. admin Post author

      Neuropathy is the cause of burning feet. Damaged nerve fibers are more likely to become overactive and misfire. The damaged nerves send pain signals to the brain even though there is no wound.

  3. Aravind

    Great Information. I have been suffering from burning feet for the last 6 months.  your blog very detailly explained the causes of burning feet it helps me a lot in knowing the main reason behind my burning feet problem.

  4. Avinash virupaxi

    Wonderful support and information I agree whole. As I have stopped tender coconut water. It’s repeated foot burning in me.

  5. Prudhviraj

    Thank you very much, you have done much research for us and gave precious remedies for burning feet pain

  6. Sandeep

    Very informative article. I’m sitting here with the burning pain after a day of non-stop running. Thanks for the help!

  7. best homeopathy clinic

    I’m not that much of an internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back down the road.

  8. Dora Badger

    I am 34 yrs old female with mysthenia gravis suffering burning feet, please can you kindly help me with any home remedies to help relieve my pain? Thank you.

  9. beeman.ro

    Greetings! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a
    quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading your articles.
    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same topics?
    Thanks a ton!

  10. Greg

    I want to point out there are many people who can suffer from aches and pains in the feet. And sometimes it’s from an injury or many things. WEBMD says there are over 800 causes of pain or burning in the feet, so a great many exist. There is also a disease which is really a sydrome which is called burning foot sydrome which is very rare. This does not mean that others don’t have burning feet. With burning feet conditions pain flares, heat and swelling can occur. They can occur due to some other disease or cause that is causing the pain and when the cause is cured, the pain is cured. So in some cases it can be cured. It used to be called “SECONDARY” that is secondary to another disease or problem. There is also diabetic neuropathy which is “the death” of the nerves as they die over time, from lack of blood flow and oxygen. What happens is sugars coat the inside of small capillaries like spilling pop on a table top and sticky sugar remains. With diabetics the sugars are not removed and they can clog the small blood vessals first and then blood flow stops and then nerves in the feet and hands die and as they die you get small fiber neuropathy, which means the small nerves are damaged or die. This causes the body to respond. By default if there is an injury and no signal the body says, Send blood to the injury so it opens the blood vessels to send blood. That causes heat and swelling and burning. So that is one cause and problem small fiber neuropathy from diabetic foot conditions. Then in about a year or so the diabetic doesn’t have the pain anymore because their feet are totally numb. All the nerves have died and they are numb. But with other neuropathies nerves are damaged or even some nerves are damaged in some way. For example you can have a substance like a drug put a key or a molecule into a nerve receptor to inhibit the action and stop other triggers. Nerve medications often do this. And sometimes they break off that key into the lock or receptor. And when they do that lock cannot be triggered anymore. Imagine 12 or more wires for all kinds of nerves in the body, And each one controls or sends signals for different functions. Some drugs may make them more sensitive others less, Some may damage them. Alchohol KILLS NERVES dead. They may grow back, they may not they may get mutated and may not grow back correctly. So neuropathy means damaged nerves. With Burning foot syndrome many things can cause it. It’s a set of symptoms caused by something or caused by a mystery. If it’s caused by something they know like cancer, or a drug they call it secondary to that cause or disease. If it’s cause is unknown they used to call it primary without a cause, but not they call primary EM or Erythromelalgia a genetic defect problem that gives some a greater chance at getting the disease and it’s passed down through the women not men’s genes but can affect both. But the Em or burning foot disease is rare maybe 1.3 per 100,000 get it. Pure EM what I call EM is kind of rare, because there is 100 kind of neuropathy or nerve damage that can cause problems some people have more than one kind of damage so they have mixed symptoms. For my mom she has a kind of pure EM. With PURE EM heat always makes the flare worse and environmental chilling always helps. Some diseases like CRPS Type 2 or RSD as it was called have burning flares also and they are all over the body and cause gate disturbances as well. Some also have large fiber or small fiber neuropathy. Patients may feel pain and jolts or shocks when it starts and immerse their feet in cold water to help. If warm water takes away the pain it’s not burning foot syndrome but may be some other problems. COLD helps relieve the pain and heat causes flares and makes the pain worse. Many triggers can cause a flare. For my mom this includes SALT, sweet food, spicey food, even warm food. She has cold and warm food never just warm food. Even stress can trigger it. Patients often chill their feet with ice water and are diagnosed with other problems which may be the problem, but it’s never resolved. A demotologist often diagnoses burning foot syndrome. My mom has it and people with general neuropathy may get flares. My mom only gets flares and she has had constant pain of level 7 for 20 years with 10 level pain flares happening every day. Sometimes she wishes for death. She has a very bad case but she had a mild case earlier and she got that from a nerve bill but Risperdol gave her the permanent damage and there is nothing yet we have found to solve it. It may improve over time or maybe not. Some get it from Chemotheraphy drugs and it won’t stop until the drug is stopped. I know one lady I met who had burning feet start up and thought she had what my mom had and she found she had a rare blood cancer that caused it and she has to take cancer drugs the rest of her life. There are many causes of burning foot syndrome and some have mixed symptoms. It can spread as well some have taken for example nerve medication off label for pain prescxribed by the doctors, and it may help a little. Others may take many drugs and increase them with major opioids. Avoiding pain can cause compensating activities which is to curb habits and causes more problems other side effects.


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