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Exercise After 60 Years Could Help Longevity

Exercise has been always of use when it comes to physical health and fitness and there are umpteen studies to around importance of exercise and fitness as well as physical health. Here’s one more study but around exercise after 60 years of age and how it could help you reduce cardiovascular disease threat. As per the World health organization over 900 million people were above 60 years of age across the world by 2015. Well, age does affect the fitness levels of humans because the body deteriorates as it ages but maintaining activity or increasing activity level could help reducing the heart condition risks like strokes and heart attacks.

Exercise After 60 Years Could Help Longevity

Comparatively, people who did less exercise as they aged had over 25% more risk of getting heart conditions besides blood vessel issues. People who increased their activity levels reduced the risk of heart disease by around 11%.

The study was carried out by a team of researchers at the Department of bio-medical Sciences of South Korea’s Seoul National University. Lead by author Kyuwoong Kim, with team did an analysis of around 1, 119, 935 men and women of the age group 60 years and above. The data used for the study was taken from the National Health Insurance Service (NIHS). This organization possesses the healthcare data of over 97% Koreans. The data in use included participants of an average age group of 67 years including 47% of males across years 2009-2010 and 2011-2012 besides the data of the aforementioned participants uptil 2016.

The study involved asking questions to the participants about their lifestyle as well as physical activity levels. Most of them had a moderate activity level of half an hour per day that included activities like gardening, brisk- walking as well as dancing. Rigorous activity mean doing 20 minutes of fast cycling, running or aerobic exercise.

The second round of health checkup had the participants make variations in their activity levels. While only 22% of the participants did increase their activity levels, over 54% actually reduced them by the time of the second screening. The researchers also analyzed the data from hospital records claiming stroke and heart diseases for the period of January 2013 – December 2016.

The study revealed that the people who increased their activity levels from inactivity to moderate or high levels of activity atleast three to four times a week did reduce the risk of heart attack by 11%.

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There are few jobs that effect heart health of women ? Here’s and overview

Heart problems in men and women both is not a new in India and abroad as well. Heart issues as per Indian statistics are one of the most common cause of death in India especially in older populace. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that there is a link between cardiovascular problems. Obviously, there are many risk factors around cardiovascular problems including imbalanced diet, sedentary life style, addictions and more. But, one more risk factor which perhaps is not yet come into the scanner is occupation.

There are few jobs that effect heart health of women

A recent study has revealed that there is a connection between a persons occupation and heart disease. The study was conducted by researchers from Japan on a cohort and revealed that people at managerial positions irrespective of the industry they belong to are more at risk of having heart conditions. Though the question how is that so remains unanswered and requires further research.

The researchers also revealed that social workers could be at the highest risk of cardiovascular conditions. Their conclusions about the link between cardiovascular conditions and occupation based on their study around 65000 females of average 63 years of age post experiencing menopause. The data used belonged to the Women’s health initiative study.

The metrics looked into life style factors like physical activity, addiction status, weight, nutrition as well as fasting blood sugar and health risk factors including blood pressure and cholesterol. The research team also took in account 20 of the most common occupations.

The results showed around 13% of the females were suffering from poor cardiovascular health. The researchers found a link between few jobs and a rise in heart health problems as well in the aforementioned females.

To be specific, women doing social work are at the highest risk viz. 36% of experiencing heart problems followed by retail cashiers who are at a risk of 33%.

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Are You A New Dentist? Here’s What You Need To Know

In The olden days, the demand for dentists was high while the supply was less as a result, flourishing as a dentist was no big deal or say was rather a cake walk. Even though, there is still scarcity of dentists in rural areas more so, urban areas have dentists in abundance. So, being successful as a practicing dentist is now a challenge because one needs to rise above the clutter.

Are You A New Dentist

Do Ground Work – Before you set up your practice do your home-work. Check for the surrounding areas and the competition. Try to choose an area where there is less competition. Do your business analysis well by considering attrition rate as well as the present state as well as future trends.

Build Relationships – Do not see your patients as clients but try to focus on building relationship with them, making them comfortable so that you build a base of loyal clients. Even if they are to be told what they have missed on by not take treatment on time, or what needs to be done.

Save Early On – Start saving money for retirement early on even when your income is less. So, by the time you retire you have funds accumulated. The idea is to earn financial independence needed much earlier.

Think ahead – Always think what you want to achieve at the end of five years and plan according. Even if it is working somewhere as a dentist or opening up your own set up have a target and work around it. This needs to be taken into account at the very beginning of taking a career because it will help you carve your path to success.

Well, at the end of the day it’s your passion and attitude that works above all and affects your success.

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