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Cancer Treatment In India – The Current Scenario

Cancer is said to be one of the most common conditions amongst Indians and the sad part is India is listed as the third-highest in cancer deaths in the world. The graph is pointing north and there is an estimated forecast of 25% increase by the year 2020. These are by far alarming figures. So, we need to be ready to fight the dreaded diseases and the first step to it is awareness about the conditions and their treatments.

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Every year over 6 lac people in India succumb to cancer in India. The most common cancers in India amongst men are oral, lung, and throat cancers while in women its breast cancer, cervix cancer, and ovarian cancers. Even colon, prostate, and kidney cancers are common types of cancers amongst the aged group. Apparently, the causes of 25% of the cancers including bone, leukemia, and more aren’t known yet. The majority of cancer cases in India are that of oral cancers in men caused due to excessive intake of tobacco and its products. In women, cancer of the breast, uterus, and kidney is caused due to obesity issues and genetic issues. Cervical cancer is a result of personal hygiene issues. The major causes of all remain tobacco use, obesity, and cancer-causing pathogens.

Every other day, we wake up to the news of some celebrity catching cancer and also that most of them moving abroad for treatment. But, the words coming out of the horse’s mouth speak a different story. Ask the leading oncologists and cancer specialists in India, and they say that India is one of the best destinations for cancer treatment. The primary reason is the cost factor. While comparing the treatment cost overseas in Dollars or Pounds, India almost 500% to 700% cheaper. Furthermore, due to globalization getting the latest medications in India is quick, at the latest by 3 months or so. India not only has expert oncologists, but it is also equipped with the latest equipment and treatment facilities across cancer hospitals.

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The course of treatment depends upon the diagnosis of the condition and its current stage. The commonly used cancer treatments in India include Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, Immunotherapy, Hormone Therapy, Stem cell transplant, targeted therapy, and precision medicine. The treatment might include one or a combination of two or more treatments from the above, the common ones are radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery.
The latest in cancer treatment in India is CyberKnife Surgery, a non-invasive, pain-free robotic radiation therapy with no side effects as such.

The cost varies depending upon the cancer type, stage of cancer, the treatment type, and hospital as well. While chemotherapy treatment includes traditional, standard, or cytotoxic chemotherapy and radiation therapy includes systematic radiation therapy (SRT), Radioimmunotherapy, Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT), to name a few. The cost depends on the type of therapy and the number of cycles. Well, radiotherapy is said to be the most expensive of all.

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Well, Cancer does cost, but there’s always a way out. Some NGOs in India work towards financing patients through this life-threatening condition. Even some hospitals in India do offer Cancer treatment facilities at subsidized rates. One such hospital is Vydehi Insitute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore. The oncology centre VOICE at VIMS offers cancer treatments at almost 30% less cost compared to any other cancer treatment institute or hospital in Karnataka. While offering Financial assistance for advanced treatments like IGRT/ IMRT/ SBRT/SRS /HIPEC to all, it also provides free cancer treatment to BPL cardholders of Karnataka. Besides housing highly qualified and experienced oncologists and cancer specialists, this centre is lately equipped with a hi-tech radiation zone that features Versa HD -Stereotactic Precision Radiotherapy unit (Triple F). Featuring high precision beam shaping and tumor targeting, Versa HD is designed with new capabilities to provide faster and more accurate treatment for a wide range of cancer conditions.

Chikungunya in India – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

When it comes to life-threatening diseases, the first few names that come to our minds as Indians are Cancer, Heart attack, and aids, as these are the most common ones in India. But when it comes to nonthreatening diseases we tend to take things lightly. Sometimes, we might pay for such a careless approach. Considering the weather conditions in India, hygiene issues, and that it forms apt conditions for breeding mosquitoes primarily in Tropical regions, making everyone highly vulnerable to get infected by Chikungunya.


Chikungunya is rampant in the whole of India and mosquitoes are the careers for it. Let us understand the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of both.

Chikungunya, an RNA virus is responsible for causing chikungunya and is spread through two species of Aedes type mosquito. The name of the condition finds its origin from a description in Makonde language and means ‘to be contorted”. Apparently, it is derived on the basis of the posture issues that develop amongst the victims on account of severe joint pain. It was first discovered in the year 1952 in Tanzania. Even though it is considered to be a tropical disease, the affected populace includes that of Africa and Asia, including India.

The symptoms of Chikungunya surface within a few days after the mosquito bites the victim and includes high fever, joint and muscle pain, rash, and swelling around joints. Rarely, the symptoms could include heat rash, measles, nausea, conjunctivitis, and vomiting. Chikungunya is not a fatal condition but is accompanied by persistent joint pain that may last for up to a year or more post-recovery.

DIAGNOSIS – Based on the symptoms the doctor may ask for a Blood Test to confirm the same.

There is no prescribed medicine or treatment for Chikungunya though doctors recommend fluid intake as much as possible. Besides, OTC drugs like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen are taken to ease out fever and joint pain.

Prevention is always the best idea and as mosquitos are the root cause of this problem, its advisable to stay away from them. Some basic and simple precautions include using mosquito nets, mosquito repellents, keeping the surroundings clean, wearing body covering clothes, avoiding travel to regions bearing the brunt of the chikungunya outbreak, to name a few.

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Chikungunya is fast taking India in its claws and it’s high time we fight back and put in individual efforts towards eradicating this condition from the country. So it’s advisable to take the afore-mentioned simple steps to stay away from it.