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STERRAD: Next generation Gas Plasma Sterilizer Adopted in VIMS & RC

Vydehi Medical College hospital set up a Gas Plasma Sterilizer costing Rs.50 Lakhs. Mrs. D.A. Kalpaja, Director, VIMS & RC had inaugurated the machine on 20-01-10 at VIMS & RC. According to director, this is the first medical college hospital in Karnataka to adopt the next generation Plasma Sterilizer ‘STERRAD’ from Johnson and Johnson.

Inauguration of Sterrad @ Vydehi

Inauguration of Sterrad @ Vydehi

  • STERRAD is safe for the environment as the system does not emit any toxic chemicals or harmful radiation. The final by-products are oxygen and water vapor. Eliminates the utilization of the Ozone-depleting substance [CFC-12].
  • STERRAD is safe for patients and employees as it does not leave any residues on the instruments. No carcinogenic or mutagenic effect.
  • STERRAD does not require a water source or a high energy source.
Sterrad Team @ Vydehi

Sterrad Team @ Vydehi

The efficacy of STERRAD is far superior than conventional methods in terms of efficiency, speed, and fast turnaround and all the latest delicate and expensive surgical instruments can be sterilized safely. This instrument will satisfy all international regulatory safety standards.

Rehab Day Celebration on 3rd December 2009

Wonder what a Rehab Day celebration is!!! It is a Day to students at our rehabilitation centre really rocks, that was the day in their life which brings enthusiasm and skills.

Rehab Day Banner

Students from the Vydehi Institute of rehabilitation came in the midst of the college ground to celebrate. There were participations from every department– School for special needs, speech, Visual Stimulation, psychotherapy and so on. I saw their bright faces filled with passion along with their loved ones.

Rehab day viewers

Function started with prayer chanted by students followed by play games which allow them to practice learned skills. It was amazing to see these kids playing lemon & spoon, find and pick the toys from sand, mix and match vegetables and other athletic activities. Well, I believe these activities will bring enjoyment and improve learning abilities in them.  The teachers and parents were the organizers and also participated in various other events.

Students Prayer

Students Game

After lunch, the center of attraction was at college auditorium. The kids were performing yoga, absolutely clinical.

Vydehi Students yoga Performance

Vydehi Students Yoga Performance

End of the day, every participant got their prizes for their utmost participation in the event. It’s really a sigh of relief for the participants and their beloved ones. Hope these kids will get more and more opportunities to enhance their confidence and skills…

Achievements of Mr. S. Sowmya Narayanan in various verticals of Oncology

Mr. S. Sowmya Narayanan, Chief Medical Physicist in the department of radiation physics @ Vydehi Institute of Oncology.

Dr Soumya naryanan

He has fourteen years of experience in the field of Radiological Physics and served in various reputed institutes in India. He has completed his radiological physics specialization from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai after his M.Sc (Physics) and he is life member of Association of Medical Physicists of India. He attained one’s significant achievements in life to associate with various conferences, preparing course curriculum for universities & several scientific paper in the field of oncology.

European Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology (ESTRO), Founded in 1980 to enhance the development in the field of oncology through education, professional development, promotion of research and dissemination of outcomes, courses and conferences. Mr.S. Sowmya Narayanan participated 10th Biennial ESTRO Conference on Physics and Radiation Technology for Clinical Radiotherapy that held from August 30 to September 3, 2009, in Maastricht, the Netherlands. He is the only invitee from India delivered a lecture on IGRT in Varian’s European Users’ Meeting for the following topic “Quality Assurance for Gated Radiotherapy”


Under his guidance, the department of oncology @  VIMS & RC  has presented three scientific papers in the 30th Annual Conference of Association of Medical Physicists of India(AMPICON 2009) held at Hyderabad. This is the maximum contribution from any single institution.

He is also instrumental in the designing of Curriculum for the course M.Sc. (Radiation Physics) which was approved by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore WSM9N72XXJC2

Welcome to Vydehi Blog

Welcome to Vydehi Blog, devoted to a regular updater of the Vydehi Hospital and 5 Institutes – Medical, Dental, Nursing, Biotech and Paramedical.

Vydehi Hospital in Bangalore is one of India’s largest super speciality hospitals with a capacity of 1600 beds. Using a unique approach to charity, 30% of the beds in all departments of the hospital have been reserved for the needy and free medical services are provided. The campus also has two specialty centers- Vydehi Institute of Rehabilitation and Vydehi Ayurveda Gram . The Vydehi Hospital provides free services to the poor and needy including free treatment, surgeries, diagnostics, imaging, free food, free medicines and follow-up care. It is distinguished by the services of highly qualified senior full time surgeons and physicians. The services of specialists are available round the clock to attend the emergencies.
The Vydehi has five individual academic institutions-

• Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre
• Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences & Research Centre
• Vydehi Institute of Nursing Sciences & Research Centre
• Vydehi Institute of Biotechnology Sciences & Research Centre
• Vydehi Institute of Paramedical Science.

Institute is recognized by Medical council of India, and affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, the Institute offers Under Graduate, Post-Graduate Degree, dental postgraduates, nursing, paramedical and other diploma courses in all medical facilities.