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Published Articles

  1. Dr.Sheetal Chaurasia. Review Article in Breathe Oct 2014 on: Chung W-S et al. Asthma increases pulmonary thromboembolism risk: a nationwide cohort study. Eur Resp J 2014; 43:801-807

  2. V. Yamini Chitra, KN Paramesh, Alamelu Haran, Nitin D Tengli. A rare case of Congenital Esophagobronchial Fistula in an adult. Int J Case Rep Images 2015; 6(2):70-75

  3. PD Nadig, A Haran, M Shetty. Clinical evaluation of a sub-lingual vaccine for prevention of exacerbations in COPD. Asian J of Medical Sciences July–August 2015; 16(4):51-54

  4. Kavitha Pawar, Alamelu Haran, Pratibha Nadig. Multiple adverse effects of Betamethasone used as self-medication: a case report. Asian J of Pharamaceutical and Clinical Research Jan 2015; 8(2): 11-12

  5. Divya Satyanarayanasetty, Kavitha Pawar, Pratibha Nadig, Alamelu Haran. Multiple adverse effects of Systemic Corticosteroids: A Case Report. J Clinical and Diagnostic Research May 2015; 9(5): FD01-FD02

  6. Mehta KD, Haran A, Harsha A, Gulikari GK, Kaul R.An aggressive, solitary non-healing ulcer: Not always cancerous. Respir Med Case Rep. 2015 May 27;15:133-4

  7. Chaurasia S, Kumar R, Haran A, Katare S. A rare congenital cardiac anomaly presenting with predominant respiratory complaint: A case report. Intern jour of case reports and images Oct 2015

  8. Gajanan S. Gaude, Jyothi Hattiholli, and Praveen Kumar.Risk factors and drug-resistance patterns among pulmonary tuberculosis patients in northern Karnataka region, India .Niger Med J. 2014 Jul-Aug; 55(4): 327–332.

Articles Awaiting Publication

  1. Harsha A, Haran A, Mehta KD, Kumar NR, Sabaretnam M. Tuberculosis of the Breast: what is the cause?

  2. Mehta KD, Haran A, Harsha A, Khan MAS. An interesting case of Undifferentiated Connective Tissue disorder

Ongoing Research Projects

  1. Dr.Sheetal Chaurasia ,Dr.Alamelu Haran. Efficacy and safety of roflumilast vs inhaled corticosteroid when added to combination of long acting bronchodilators in severe COPD

  2. Praveen Kumar. B. S, Mamatha. S. Prevalence of lung cancer in a tertiary care centre

  3. Srikanth K. Prevalence of anxiety and depression in COPD and co-relation with severity of COPD and inflammatory markers

  4. Ishan CA . A comparative study of risk factors contributing to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Smokers and Non-smokers

  5. Pavny C. To compare the utility of C-Reactive Protein ,Pneumonia Severity Index and CURB -65 in assessment of severity of Community Acquired Pneumonia in Adults

  6. Ravivarma A. A Comparative analysis of FEV1 /FVC AND FEV1/SVC Ratios in the diagnosis of airway obstruction

  7. Javeriya . Utility of GeneXpert MTB/RIF in sputum negative Pulmonary Tuberculosis

  8. Anish Reddy . Prevalence of OSA in stable uncontrolled bronchial asthma