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Just as Eyes occupy the supreme position amongst the sense organs of the body so also radiology & imaging occupy the same position in the field of modern medicine. The discovery of X-rays started this speciality, which helped clinitians to look into the body without destroying it. This helped in the understanding of the presence of the disease and also the progress of the disease within the body. November 8th: 1895 was the day when the discovery of X-Rays was announced and this is heralded as the first renaissance in the field of Modern Medicine.

In spite of so many advances in the field of Modern Medicine, the invention of the C.T. Scanner is today heralded the Second renaissance in the field of Modern Medicine.

Vydehi Medical institution is fortunate to have a department that is upto date is Equipment and infrastructure. Right from inception, the department is proud to have had the latest of equipments in the form of X-Ray machines, C.T. Scanner, M.R.I. Scanner, Ultrasound and Colour Doppler machines, Mammography, X-ray image intensifiers and automatic film processors. This department is completely computerized and has the infrastructure and the clinical capability to undertake any and all investigations that may be required by patients admitted to the hospital. This is probably the first teaching Hospital to start off with all the latest of Gadgetry in the department of Radiology. The department has an interventional radiology section capable of undertaking all modern interventional radiology procedures.

Apart from catering to the needs of all clinical specialities of Modern Medicine, this department also caters to the needs of the Ayurvedic department as also the Dental Department, and is also involved in research programmes.

This department from inception is geared to provide teaching facilities for Under Graduate students, Post graduate students of all branches and also to graduate courses in Nursing and Dental Sciences.