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Public health dentistry

Preventive and Community Dentistry Department

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Public Health Dentistry is one of the nine specialties in Dentistry. It deals with preventing and controlling oral diseases, promoting oral health at community level.

The department has well equipped infrastructure for comprehensive learning both in terms of academic as well as clinical concern. The students are trained to provide comprehensive oral health care with special emphasis on preventive modalities.

The department conducts outreach activities which includes camps, school dental health programs, field visits, survey. The days of global importance are celebrated through various programs. We also have a well-equipped mobile dental unit to cater to the needs of underprivileged and vulnerable population. The department also runs the satellite centers to provide oral health care to the rural population residing in the vicinity of satellite centers and also refers patients to the dental college for advanced treatments.

Why Choose us?
Imparting Public health knowledge and skills to students through community based activities.
We treat community as a patient rather than an individual.
We are concerned with prevention of oral diseases, promotion of oral health along with controlling it.

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