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Prosthodontics Curriculum

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The Dental Materials Laboratory, an annexure to the department, trains I BDS students in handling and the manipulation of basic dental materials and procedures. For the II BDS students a Preclinical Prosthodontic Section has been established to train them in laboratory procedures for the fabrication of complete denture prosthesis. The III and IV year BDS students are allotted clinical postings wherein they are trained in the art of removable prosthodontics. The IV year BDS students are also trained in the art of fixed partial denture prosthesis, by demonstration and participation on a pre-clinical level in the phantom head lab . Theory classes are conducted using audio visual aids and power-point presentations. The internship programme includes in-house and rural centre comprehensive treatment for Prosthodontic rehabilitation. Extended working hours are provided to the students so as to facilitate the completion of laboratory aspects of the stipulated treatment without wasting their clinical hours.

The under graduate program provides a rigorous and in depth training with lectures, seminars, pre clinical expertise and clinical teaching in the period of four /five year dental curriculum. Students are exposed to a wide range of patients with prosthetic problems and all students get extensive pre-clinical & clinical experience in the department.

Clinical practice involves exposure to complete denture cases removable partial dentures & introduction to fixed partial dentures.

Prosthodontics as the course curriculum, which follows strict DCI norms in the Undergraduate program is designed to provide strong theoretical and clinical background in Prosthodontics, enabling the students to treat completely or partially edentulous patients. Students are the taught systematic sequential procedures for fabrication of complete and removal dentures with emphasis on biomechanical compatibilities.

Foundation knowledge and techniques are taught by lectures, video and demonstrations that are correlated with the student's laboratory exercises.

Apart from the routine clinics , assignments are given to make charts and present seminars on the PowerPoint as part of the academic curriculum.

Year Subject
First Year Dental Materials and Preclinical Prosthodontics
Second Year Preclinical Prosthodontics
Third Year Prosthodontics &Clinics
Final Year Prosthodontics and crown and bridge


First Year and second year :
Dental Materials: Students gain understanding and proficiency in the theory and handling of materials used in dentistry and also about the materials used for treatment of craniofacial disorders and defects, Clinical treatment and laboratory materials, Associated materials, Technical consideration, Shelf life, Storage, Manipulations, Sterilization, and Waste management.

Preclinical Prosthodontics: Students are given hands-on training on ideal models for all procedures to be performed in the clinical appointments in coming years.

Third Year :
Dental Materials: Clinics: students diagnose and treat patients with some teeth missing. The treatment given is removable partial dentures. Students complete a total of 8 cases during their clinical postings.

Final Year:
Clinics: students diagnose and treat patients with all teeth missing. The treatment rendered is removable complete dentures. Students complete a total of 5 cases during their clinical postings.

Postgraduate Residency Program of three years :

The department also offers a postgraduate training programme of three years, which is approved by the Dental Council of India. The postgraduate programme is designed to prepare students for a career in teaching and research and also for advanced training in the rehabilitation of completely edentulous, partially edentulous patients and patients requiring maxillofacial prosthesis.

The goal of Prosthodontics residency program is to provide advanced education in prosthodontics to highly qualified graduate dentists who are interested in a career or specialized practice, teaching &research. 

  The program devotes a considerable portion of time , to advanced basic science courses specially organized to serve as a prerequisite to the thorough understanding of the clinical problem In prosthetic rehabilitation. In the clinical area ,the student is exposed to different & challenging maxillofacial & prosthetic rehabilitation cases through independent study ,demonstration & practice. 

The course also involves development of technical skill involving handling of sophisticated & technique sensitive equipment . 

Along with this, the academic schedule is designed to include seminars, journal club presentations, case presentations and a dissertation.The student can discusss with the program guide his /her interest & needs & all effort will be made to tailor the program to meet such needs. 

Year Subject
First Year Pre Clinical and Basic Sciences
Second Year Removable Denture Prosthesis, Fixed Denture Prosthesis, Maxillofacial Prothesis etc
Third Year Complex Cases, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Implants, Asthetic etc.