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On going project

  • Varun, Vidya S Joshi. Heart rate variability and Blood pressure in relation to working shifts in Medical personnel.

  • Vidya S Joshi, Sunil S Joshi, Raksha S Hebbar. To evaluate the systemic and local effects of warm oxygen exposure to the lower extremities in healthy volunteers.

  • Dr. Arjun, Guide — Dr. Komala Devi. Effect of Suratshabd meditation in EEG.

  • Dr. Rahul, Guide — Dr. Komala Devi. Prevalence and determination of Vitamin D deficiency among Medical student population — A cross sectional study


  • Dr. Vineetha K Ramadas Nayak, Dr. Shankara . ppa C; Comparative study of Cardiovascular reactivity to cold pain in Dysmenorrhoeic women and Non-Dysmenorrhoeic women across menstrual cycle. Journal of evolution of Medical sciences Vol 03, Issue 14, April 2014. PP3437 —3442.

  • Dr. Sangeetha Devi, Dr. Shankarappa C; A comparative study of sensory and motor nerve conduction velocity in Prediabetics and Diabetics. International journal of Physiology. Vol 3, No1; Jan -June 2015 PP 146-150.

  • Ashwin Vaidyanathan, Komala devi Sampath Damodar; Increased metabolic activity of Neutrophils in patients with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Lung India 2015; 32:589-92.

  • N. R. Akila, Jayalakshmi Lingaraj, S D Komaladevi; Study of mean Platelet volume in Gestational Hypertension and Normal pregnancy. International journal of Biomedical Research (S.I) June 2015; Vol 6, n 6, PP 366-369.

  • Vidya S Joshi, Roopa Murgod; Evaluation of Subjective Parameters of stress in first year Medical students. IJABPT 2014; 5(4); 183-186.


  • Dr.Veeranna awarded for his distinguished services as eminent IMA member who did women services in different fields - at Bijapur for October 2015 by IMA - KSB