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Sl.No Authors Title of the paper Whether published in International National State/ Institutional Journals Details of indexing Citation of the journal Date of Publication
1 Chandana C, Shankarappa C Implication of ABO Blood type on ovarian reserve in Indian women. International journal of Infertility and fetal Medicine. 2016;7(2):49-51 International Index Copernicus, EMBASE Google Scholar 2016
2 Vineetha K Ramdas Nayak, Shankarappa C. Comparative study of Cardiovascular reactivity to cold pain in Dysmenorrhoeic women and non-dysmenorrhoeic women across menstrual cycle. Journal of evolution of Medical sciences 2014, Vol 3 (14); 3437-3442. National Index Copernicus 2014
3 Sangeetha D, Shankarappa C A comparative study of Sensory and motor nerve conduction velocity in pre-diabetes and Diabetes. International journal of Physiology. 2015;3(1):146-150 International
4 Vedesh KB, Komala SD Effect of Outdoor Pollution on Pulmonary function of non-smoking autorikshaw drivers in Bangalore. International journal of clinical & Experimental Physiology. 2017;4:30-3 International Google Scholar BaiduScholar EBSCO 2017
5 Debahuti M, Komala SD Glycemic status, Lipid profile and Renal parameters in progressive diabetic neuropathy. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2016;10(9):CC14-17 National Pubmed Index Copernicus Scopus 2016
6 Ashwin Vaidyanathan, Komala Devi Sampath Kumar. Increased Metabolic activity of Neutrophils in patients with Chronic obstructive pulmonary diasease. Lung India. 2015;32(6) National Embase, Index Medicus, Caspur, CNKI, Excerpta Medica, Index Copernicus, Pubmed, Scopus. 2015
7 Vidya Joshi, Roopa Murgod. Evaluation of subjective and Objective parameters of stress in first year medical students. IJABPT 2014, 5(4): 183-186. International Index Copernicus 2014
8 Vinodh R S, Pradeep C Evaluation of Burn out syndrome in Medical students. JPCBS 2016 (June-August); Volume 4. Issue 2. International Index Copernicus 2016
9 Vinodh RS, Pradeep C, Veeranna N, Shankarappa C, Komala devi, Komal Khanna. Evaluation of Tinnitus in Call centre Professionals using DPOAES. JPCDS June-Aug 2015; 3(2) 206-213. Index Copernicus Aug 2015
10 Deepa HS, Nivedita S. A comparative study of auditory & visual reaction time in table tennis players and age matched healthy controls. Indian Journal of clinical Anatomy and Physiology. 2016;3(4):408-411 National Index Copernicus Google Scholar Academia.edu 2016