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Faculty Chart

Name of other faculty and P.Gs Designation Date of Joining
Dr.Prathiba D. Nadig M.D Prof & HOD 10-04-2004
Dr. Vijaya Rajendran M.D Professor 03-11-2008
Dr. Ananya Chakraborthy M.D Professor 07-11-2005
Dr. Eippa Mathan Kovoor M.D Associate Professor 14-07-2006
Mrs. Maherban A. M.Sc (Ph.D) Assistant Professor 17-10-2007
Dr. Kevin Manohar Salis M.D Assistant Professor 25-02-2012
Dr. Shubhatara Swamy M.D Assistant Professor 20-07-2012
Dr. Anand M. Ingale MD Assistant Professor 08-07-2014
Dr. Shwetha Varahireddy Tutor 08-04-2015
Dr. Neha Deep Tutor 08-04-2015
Dr. Uzma Wajid Tutor 06-06-2015
Dr. Rajashri Mettupalyam Palaniswamy Tutor 07-04-2015
Dr. Prasad M Tutor 16-04-2016
Dr. Shivam Tutor 20-04-2016
Dr. Indranil Ray Tutor 20-04-2016

Latest Equipments
Hebb's William's Maze
Eddy's hot plate
Open field apparatus
Shuttle box