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Faculty Chart

Name of other faculty and P.Gs Designation Date of Joining
Dr.Susheela Prof & HOD 02-05-2012
Dr. Sarvamangala Professor 08-03-2011
Dr. Subramanaya.N. K Professor 08-10-2002
Dr. B.M. Shivalingappa Professor 01-02-2003
Dr. N.S Chithambaram Assoc. Professor 23-06-2003
Dr. Joy L.P D’Souza Assoc. Professor 24-06-2010
Dr.Manjunath babu R Associate Professor 04-06-2014
Dr. Dinakara Prithvi Raj Associate Professor 01-12-2001
Dr. Harish.G Associate Professor 07-11-2011
Dr. Pavan Kumar .J Assistant Professor 06-09-2013
Dr. Sandeep B Assistant Professor 01-12-2011
Dr. Muralidhar G Assistant Professor 08-09-2015
Dr. Lakshmi K.N Assistant Professor 06-04-2016
Dr.Rajashekhar I Sannabilagi Assistant Professor 17-07-2016
Dr.Divya Sampath Sr.Resident 05-08-2015
Dr. Mamatha R Sr.Resident 05-09-2017
Dr. Mithila Das Mazumder Sr.Resident 17-08-2017
Dr. Sowjanya G T Sr.Resident 10-08-2017
Dr. Jyothi A Sr.Resident 04-10-2017
Dr.Rajeshwari S Jr.Resident 07-04-2015
Dr.Vijayakumar P Jr.Resident 06-06-2015
Dr.Abijith Shetty Jr.Resident 19-03-2015
Dr.B. Shruthi Jr.Resident 06-04-2015
Dr. Deepika Dodda Jr.Resident 20-04-2016
Dr. Neetha M Reddy Jr.Resident 18-04-2016
Dr. Sabah Ahmed Jr.Resident 22-04-2016
Dr. Gayathri Renganathan Jr.Resident 15-04-2016
Dr. Afsal V.M Jr.Resident 16-04-2016
Dr. Kruthi J Jr.Resident 24-05-2017
Dr. Srimath Koil Kandadai Deepthi Jr.Resident 21-04-2017
Dr.Sneha Pilanku Jr.Resident 29-05-2017
Dr. Surabhi M R Jr.Resident 29-05-2017
Dr. Shwethashree R K Jr.Resident 27-05-2017
Dr. Joyce Salu John Jr.Resident 29-05-2017
Dr. Sareet Kumari Nandeibam Jr.Resident 29-05-2017
Dr. Rashmi R Jr.Resident 29-05-2017
Dr. Varun Muddasani Jr.Resident 29-05-2017

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