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1. Dr. Sandesh S. Pai, Prof. and HOD, Orthodontics,
Publications: 04
1.    Oratest - A method to evaluate oral hygiene status in orthodontic patients - JIOS Nov. 3 July 1994.
2.    Tricks of the trade - A modified Pendulum appliance for easy insertion & removal - Orthodontic update July 2010.
3.    Pain in Orthodontics - Mechanisms & Management, Dent Bytes, Jan-Mar 2011.
4.    Evaluation of slot size in orthodontic brackets-are standards as expected-JIOS: Vol. 45: No. 3: Sept.2011.

Dr. Vishwanath, Reader, Orthodontics,
Publications: 09
1.    “An Evaluation of the Effect of Moisture and Blood Contamination on the Sheer Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets Bonded with a Moisture Insensitive Primer”- an in-vitro study. Indian Journal of Stomatology – Vol. 3: Issue 2: April-June 2012.
2.    Lasers - A Contemporary tool in Orthodontics: Journal of International Oral Health 2011; 3(2):15-22.
3.    Micro-Implants: Innovative Anchorage Concepts in Orthodontics: Indian Journal of Dental Advancements: Vol. 02; Issue 04: Oct-Dec, 2010.
4.    Micro-Implants: Innovative Anchorage Concepts in Orthodontics: Journal of Central Kerala, Kottayam Branch: Vol. 11; Issue 01: Dec-Jan, 2011.
5.    Occupational Hazards of orthodontics - A review: Dentistry International Vol. 06; Issue 04: Oct-Dec-Jan. 2010. Asia Middle East Edition.
6.    Propolis - An Extra-alveolar Storage media for tooth. Auto transplants in orthodontics: Orthodontic Cyber Journal, November, 2010.
7.    Obstructive Sleep Apnoea - an Orthodontic perspective Orthodontic. Cyber Journal, October, 2010.
8.    Obstructive Sleep Apnoea - an Overview: Journal of Advance Dental Research: Vol. 2; Issue 01: Dec-Jan, 2011.
9.    Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and the Orthodontist: Virtual Journal of Orthodontics: May 2011.

Dr. Roopa R. Tubaki, Senior Lecturer, Orthodontics,
Publications: 01

1.    Comparative study of congenitally missing third molar tooth germs and sagittal maxillomandibular jaw dimensions in orthodontic patients (Journal of International Oral Health, Vol. 2; Issue 3, October, 2010.

Dr. Sharanya Ajit Kumar, Senior lecturer, Orthodontics.
Pseudo-Class III: Diagnosis and Simplistic Treatment- case report. Dr. Sharanya Ajit Kumar, Dr. Sadashiva Shetty, Dr. AT Prakash.
The Journal of Indian Orthodontic Society, October-December 2011;45(4):110-114.