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Oral Medicine Facilities

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The dept of oral medicine and radiology is well equipped according to Dental council of India for both BDS & MDS courses

Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology has

•   ONE  RVG(Intraoral Digital Radiography)
•   15 dental chairs ( 8 chairs attachments and 7 chairs out attachments)
•  Illuminated mouth mirror & probe.
•  Intra oral camera
•  Biopsy kit (incisional, Excisional, FNAC, punch and brush biopsy kits)
•  Pulp tester
•  Neuro sensory evaluation kits
•  Emergency medical kits
•  Has 2 Two Intra oral periapical X-ray units
•  One ortho pantamograph unit (OPG) digital compatibility
•  One RVG (Radio Visiography)- Kodak trophy
•  2 Two Computers
•  Well equipped dark room
•  Automatic processor for Intra oral X-ray films
•  X-ray film drier
•  Viewers for both Intra oral and extra oral X-ray films
•  Lead container for X-ray film storage
•  For Radiation protection we have 3 Lead screens, 2 pairs of lead gloves, 2 lead Aron's, and 2 Thyroid coller
•  A separate department library with latest books, and colur atlas is available for chairside reference.
•  Strict asepsis is maintained using autoclave, sterilizer, cold sterilization ( korsole, Bacillol, Sterillium) and personal barrier techniques.