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Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Curriculum

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Oral Surgery, Local Anaesthesia and General Anaesthesia Teaching Hours
Theory: 80 Hours (III BDS-23 hours, IV BDS – 57 Hours)
I Introduction a) Definition, Introduction, Objectives and Scope.
b) History taking, examination of the patients, investigations & Diagnosis.
2 hour
II Anaesthesia Local Anaesthesia (L.A) – 6 Hours
a) Neurology of Facial Pain
b) Historical aspects, definition, types of L.A., Indications and Contra Indication, advantage & disadvantage,advantages & disadvantages
c) Local anaesthetic drugs, Classificaion.
d) Ideal requirements of L.A. solutions, composition and mode of action.
e) Factors to be considered in the choice of particular mode of anaesthesia.
f) Complications of L.A., its prevention and management.
III Anaesthesia of Mandible a) ) Anatomical consideration, infiltration, mental nerve block & inferior alveolar nerve block
3 hour
IV Anaesthesia of Maxilla b) Anatomical considerations, infiltration, Infra orbital block, posterior superior Alveolar & Maxillary nerve block.
c) Extra oral blocks – Indications & Technique.
3 hour
V General Anaesthesia (G.A) a) History of G.A.
b) Indications of G.A., in oral-surgery
c) Pre-anaesthetic evaluation of the patient
d) Pre-medication
e) Types of G.A., including I.V. Sedation
- States of G.A., common general anaesthetic agents
f)   Complications during and after anaesthesia.
g) Post anaesthetic care of the patients.
3 hour
VI Asepsis, Sterilisation, Cross Infection & Disinfection a) Definitions
b) Terminologies
c) General considerations
d) Effective measures in infection control
e) Problems encountered in asepsis and infection control
VII Dento Alveolar Surgery Exodontia
a) General Considerations.
b) Indications & Contraindications.
c) Methods of Extraction:
- Principles of forceps extraction.
- Indications, Principles and surgical procedure of Trans alveolar extraction.
d) Principles and use of elevators.
e) Complications of exodontias and management.
4 hour
I Dento Alveolar Surgery Impacted Teeth
a) General factors, incidence, etiology.
b) Classification, indications for removal of lower.
c) Assessment: Clinical & radiological.
d) Anaesthetic considerations.
e) Surgical procedure.
f) Maxillary third molar and Canine impactions, Incidence, Indications for removal, Classification, Assessment and Localisation, Surgical Procedure.
g) Complication of surgical removal of impacted teeth.
4 hour
II Endodontic Surgery a) Introduction
b) Classification
c) Apicoectomy
d) Replantation
1 hour
III Pre-Prosthetic Surgery a) Introduction, Aims of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery, Classification.
b) Corrective procedures – hard and soft tissues.
c) Sulcus extension procedures.
d) Ridge reconstruction or augmentation procedures.
3 hour
IV Principles of Implantology 1 hour
V Infection of Oral Cavity a) Introduction.
b) Microbiology of odontogenic infections.
c) Anatomical considerations and fascial spaces
d) Spread of Infections.
e) Acute dento – alveolar abscess.
f) Acute & chronic infections of the Jaws: Cellulitis, Ludwig’s angina, Actinomycosis, Osteomyelitis, Osteoradionecrosis.
g) Management of infections
Medical & surgical management  - Analgesics, Anti inflammatory drugs surgical. h) Hepatitis-B, H.I.V. infections
5 hour
VI Maxillary Sinus Disease
  • Applied anatomy, acute and chronic sinusitis, surgical approach to sinus.
  • Removal of tooth or root from the antrum.
  • Oro-antral fistula and its management
3 hour
VII Cystic Lesions of the Jaws
  • General features, definition, classification.
  • Pathogenesis, signs & symptoms.
  • Clinical, radiological & other investigations.
  • Surgical management and complications of each type of cyst.
4 hour
VIII Disorders of temporomandibular joint
  • Applied anatomy.
  • Sub-luxation & dislocation of the T.M. Joint
  • Pain dysfunction syndrome.
  • Ankylosis of the joints & management
  • Infections of the T.M. Joint.
5 hour
IX Diseases of Salivary Glands
  • General features, Investigations in the diagnosis of salivary gland diseases.
  • Acute and Chronic infection
  • Salivary calculus & its management.
  • Tumors of the salivary glands & its management.
4 hour
X Neurogenic Disorders
  • Nerve injuries
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Facial nerve palsy
2 hour
XI Fractures of the Jaws Introduction, Applied Anatomy & types of Fractures.
a) Dento Alveolar Fractures.
b) Mandibular Fracture:
- Classification.
- Clinical features & Diagnosis.
- Preliminary and definitive management.
c) Zygomatic Complex Fractures.
d) Middle Third Fractures;
- Classification.
- Clinical features & Diagnosis.
- Outline of immediate and definitive treatment.
e) Orbital Fractures.
f) Nasal Fractures.
XII Developmental Deformities a) Deformities of the jaws;
- Basic forms of deformities, Prognathism, Retrognathism and apertognathia.
- Reasons for surgical correction, Pre-operative planning.
- Outline of various surgical procedure in mandible and maxilla.
b) Cleft Lip and Palate;
- Etiology, Incidence, Timing of Repair.
- Role of General dental practitioner.
7 hour
XIII Emergencies in Dental Practice a) Cardio-Vascular                                     
b) Respiratory
c) Endocrine disorders
d) Drug allergies and interactions
e) Tracheostomy
2 hour
XIV Oral Surgical Procedures a) Systemic diseases.
b) Patients with medically compromised conditions
c) Immuno compromised conditions
d) Geriatric patients
e) Pregnant woman
4 hour
  Clinicals               –                220 Hours  
  Students are required to learn the following:
1) Case history taking
2) Examination of the patient
3) Recording blood pressure
4) Various anaesthetic injection techniques
5) Use of different instrument in oral surgery
6) Extraction of mobile tech
7) Wiring techniques on models
8) Suturing techniques on models – orange peel / glove
Student in final year are required to do 

Sl. No
Number of Cases Category
Closed method of extractions
Must do
Open method of extraction with suturing
Must do
I.V & I.M injections
Desirable to do
Major case history taking
Must do
Wiring and arch bar fixation
Desirable to do
Assisting in major surgical procedures under General Anaesthesia
Desirable to do
Handling medical emergencies & C.P.R training
Must do