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Sl.No Authors Title of the paper Whether published in International National State/ Institutional Journals Details of indexing Citation of the journal Date of Publication
1 Nayak Vittal I,Ananth Kishan,Bala Subramanyam, Patil S.R,Savitha H.N Transient visual loss following foramen Magnum decompression surgery in prone position National pISSN-2349-2562 Journal of evidence based medicine and health care 02, June2016
2 Nayak I VIttal, Sattar A F Tasneem , Seema C , Sharma Aravind , Recurrent Hyphema in an iris tumor , a case study and review of literature International pISSN 2279- 0861 Global journal for Research Analysis April 2016
3 Dr Tasneem Alhaj F, Dr Vittal Nayak I , Dr Mohammed Mehdi Raji, Dr .Mohammed Sadeg Mirdeghan Advantage of dynamic direct frontalis muscle transfer for surgical correction of severe blepharo ptosis International ISSN No 2277 - 8160 IOSR – Journalof Dental & Medical and Science 4 , April 2016
4 Dr KarthikSriprakash,DR AFT Sattar ,Dr Vittal Nayak An unusual case of recurrent bloody tears National Indian Journal \Of OPHTHalmology Accepted To be published 2017
5 DR Tushya Omprakash, DR SeemaChannnabasappa, DRAluriBalalsubrahmanyam, DrVittalNayak Ocular Manifestations following snakebite National ISSN0972-0200 Delhi JOurnalof Ophthalmology Vol26 No3,March 2016
6 Seema Channabasappa, Vittal I Nayak , Geeethanjali BS ,Mohan KUmar H Geographical Variation of conjunctival limbal lesions National ISSN2349-2562 Journalf Evidence based Medicine and Health Care Vol 2issue 48Nov16 2015
7 DR Seema Channabasappa,Dr VIttalNayakI ,Dr Mohan Kumar Clinical study of fundal changes in high myopia InternationaISSN2279_l ISSN 2279-0861 IOSR Journal of Dental And Medical sciences Vol 14,Issue12 Ver 1 ,79-83
8 DR Sattar , DRNAyak , Dr Tarika, Dr K, Shriprakash DRdarshika Masquarede syndrome s, seminoma , pleomorphic adenoma , International Medpulse International Journal o f Ophthalmolgy
10 Dr Seema C, Dr I Vittal Nayak Clinical- epidemiological study of high myopia in different age groups. International 2016 6(1), 119-125 Issn: 2249-9571 International journal of health sciences and research. January 2016
11 Dr Seema C A study of association of dry eye diseases in allergic conjunctivitis. National 2016 6(1), 42-45 Issn: 2249-555x Indian journal of applied research. January 2016
12 Dr Seema C, Dr I Vittal Nayak Perception of different teaching methods by the final year M.B.B.S students in a medical college. International 2015 5(11), 77-83 Issn: 2249-9571 International Journal of health sciences and research. November 2015
13 Dr Tasneem A F, Dr Vittal Nayak I, Dr Swetha B A A comparative study in axial length and radial curvature of cornea between myopes and emmetropes in indian population. National E-issn: 2278-4802 P-issn: 2278-4748 Journal of evolution of medical and dental sciences. 29/09/2015
14 Dr Tasneem A F, Dr Swetha B A, Dr Mamatha M Comparative study of serum and aqueous humor electrolytes levels in cataract patients. International P-issn:2277-2812 E-issn:2249-8109 International journal of recent trends in science and technology. 17/10/2014
15 Dr Seema C, Dr Aluri B, Dr Vittal Nayak I The evaluation of HbA1c levels with diabetic retionopathy in type 2 diabetes mellitus. National 2014 4(10), 431-434 Issn: 2249-555x Indian journal of applied research. October 2014