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1. A 13 year old girl with Right eyelid swelling- Digital Journal of Ophthalmology - Grand Rounds Section; (Orbital abscesses and a new technique of draining them)Published on 01-08- 2004 ,www.djo.com (Author) – Dr. I. Vittal Nayak
2. Ocular associations in patients with cleft lip and cleft palate {**Ophthalmology Dept,KSHEMA; *** NMInstitute ofCraniofacialSurgery } Cleft Journal -2005, Vol 1 (1) : 17-21) – Dr. I. Vittal Nayak
3. Intraocular foreign body in the angle, masquerading as uveitis- A case report (Co -author) Indian Journalof Ophthalmology,Jul- SeptVol 39 No.2 134-135, 1991) – Dr. I. Vittal Nayak
4. Extensive subduralempyema paranasalsinusitis and orbital cellulitis complicating nasal septum surgery in a child'www.pediatriconcall.com'(Coauthor) ) – Dr. I. Vittal Nayak
5. Hydroxyapppetite Orbital implants verus acrylic implants in enucleated sockets Saudi Journal of Ophthalmology-1994) – Dr.Tasneem
6. Sebaceous Carcinoma of the lid, cytological diagnosis, Journal of Cytology 2004-21-4, 197-198.- Dr. Seema Channabasappa
7. Iris haemangioma and recurrent hyphema in a young adult- a case report to be published. Dr. I. Vittal Nayak.
8. Evaluation of Visual Outcome in Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy After Panretinal Photocoagulation. Journal of Clinical and Biomedical Science 2011 vol 1 pg 98-104- Dr. N. Datti
9. . Efficacy and Safety of Subtenon’s and Peribulbar Anaesthesia in Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery. Journal of Clinical & Biomedical Sciences 2013 vol 3 pg20-26- Dr. N. Datti
10. Comparison of phaco-nucleotomy techniques in management of pseudoexfoliation syndrome. Journal of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences 2013 vol 3 pg 117-121- Dr. N. Datti
11. Prevalence of retinal microvascular abnormalities in patients with chronic kidney disease among diabetic population. IJCRR 2013 vol 5 pg13-20- Dr. N. Datti.
12. Subjective satisfaction and evaluation of glare and halos after multifocal iol implantation. Journal of evolution of medical and dental sciences .2014 vol 3 pg 456-463. Dr. N. Datti.
13. Effectiveness of mitomycin-c application as adjunct in surgeries for recurrent pterygium – A meta analysis. IJCRR. 2014 vol 6 pg 26-32- Dr. N. Datti
14. Diabetic retinopathy:How aware are the physicians? Journal of evolution of medical and dental sciences.2014 vol-3 pg 5575-5580- Dr. N. Datti
15. Prevalence of ocular manifestation in patients hospitalized in dengue patients. Journal of evolution of medical and dental sciences. 2014 vol 3 pg 5575-5580 -Dr. N. Datti
16. A study of efficacy and safety of a mydriatic Cocktail delivered with a wick versus conventional Regimen for preoperative and intraoperative Mydriasis in cataract surgery. International Journal of Biological & Pharmaceutical Research. 2014 5(12) pg 977-982- Dr. N. Datti