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Ophthalmology Faculty

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Faculty Chart

Name of other faculty and P.Gs Designation
Dr. Vittal Nayak I. Prof & HOD
Dr.Alhaj Farhath Tasneem Sattar Professor
Dr. Balasubramayan Alluri Professor
Dr.Seema Channabasappa Professor
Dr. Subramanya K Assistant Professor
Dr. Sumanth Kumar Assistant Professor
Dr. Gaurav Chowdhury Sr. Resident
Dr. RekhaK.R Sr. Resident
Dr. Seetal Girimallanavar Sr. Resident
Dr. Nayana. G Sr. Resident
Dr. Perikal K Tarika Jr.Resident
Dr.Darshika.N Jr.Resident
Dr.Pooja B Wagganavar Jr.Resident
Dr.Mohammad Mehdi Raji Jr.Resident
Dr. Amanpreet Kaur Jr.Resident
Dr.Karishma Adappa Jr.Resident
Dr.Aniket Ginodia Jr.Resident
Dr. Tushya Omprakash Jr.Resident
Dr. Karthik SP Jr.Resident
Dr. Merlin Benzy Jr.Resident

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