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Microbiology Faculty

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Faculty Chart

Name of other faculty and P.Gs Designation
Dr. R.Rajendran Professor & HOD
Dr. Girish. N Professor
Dr. Ranjini.C.Y Associate Professor
Dr. Leela Rani Associate Professor
Dr. Madhumathi. B Assistant Professor
Dr. Kauser Fathima Assistant Professor
Dr. Renuka pampanna.N Assistant Professor
Dr. Santosh Machado MD Assistant Professor
Dr. Sofiya raybe Sr.Tutor
Dr.Radhika Ramakrishna Tutor
Dr.Rochelle Sara George Tutor
Dr. Smeet Jyoti Kalita Tutor
Dr. Manogya Gupta Tutor
Dr.Supriya Dey Tutor
Dr. Mariya Zafer Tutor
Dr. Sundus Shafat Ahmad Tutor

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