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Faculty Chart

Name of other faculty and P.Gs Designation Date of Joining
Dr. R.Rajendran Professor & HOD 19-12-2001
Dr. Girish. N Professor 09-05-2012
Dr. Ranjini.C.Y Associate Professor 05-10-2006
Dr. Leela Rani Associate Professor 14-08-2007
Dr. W. Vishnu Vandana Assistant Professor 10-04-2018
Dr. Renuka Pampanna.N Assistant Professor 11-07-2014
Dr. Santosh Machado Assistant Professor 16-07-2015
Dr. Sofiya Raybe Assistant Professor 11-08-2016
Dr.Rochelle Sara George Tutor 08-06-2015
Dr. Manogya Gupta Tutor 18-04-2016
Dr.Supriya Dey Tutor 20-04-2016
Dr. Mariya Zafer Tutor 20-04-2016
Dr. Sundus Shafat Ahmad Tutor 20-04-2016
Dr. Varun Prasanna P Tutor 14-06-2018
Dr. Hariprasad C.P Tutor 08-08-2018

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