Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences

VIDA –Vydehi Digital Museum

The Medical Museum in VIDA is First of its kind of the most comprehensive medical museums in India, with carefully curated specimens, information and visuals, in its various departments - Anatomy, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Radiology, Forensics and Community Medicine, bringing alive the experience of learning with over 3432 specimens and samples on display.

The Digital Vydehi museum consists of the following features,

  • Transparent LED box
  • Virtual X-ray
  • Departments Screen
  • Scheduled Video Manager
  • Digital Catalogue

Transparent LED box :
  • Transparent LED box provides elaborated function and details of the specimen kept inside. It is a box which consists of a touch sensitive LED display with transparent feature. Due to this transparency, it offers visibility to the specimen kept inside. For instance, when a “Heart Specimen” is kept inside the box, the user can view the specimen as well as they can touch and get the presentation on the specimen subject.

Virtual X-ray
  • The Virtual X-Ray contains the Konnect Camera and the Display. If the visitor / learner stands in front of the camera, the display shows the skeleton of the visitor. The visitor can perform the movements of all his parts and enjoy learning his own skeleton movements in the display. The display works based on the calibration of Kinect camera.

Departments Screen
  • The digital museum also showcases the department wise information and achievements at various zones inside museum. Department screens will be placed on 6 multiple zone within the museum. These contents on the department screens are scheduled using CMS application and the relevant contents will be played through a Thin Client system attached with a touch screen LCD. The contents in department screens can be replaced with new contents at any time. These screens can act as a Campaign screen as well as a Navigation screen both at once. The touch screen will enable the navigation facility for visitors.

Scheduled Video Manager
  • The digital museum helps in educating its visitors about the Fetal development stages of a baby from 1st Month to 9th Month as videos using a CMS application enabled Qbox. Videos of respective fetal development every month will be played in each LCD monitor via this Qbox. The scheduled video will be played automatically when the visitors stand in front of the screen. The screen is fixed with the sensor for sensing the visitors.

Digital Catalogue
  • The scope of this digital catalogue is to encourage the rate of self-learning and to utilize the digital museum extensively. This digital catalogue is accessed via tablet computers connected by an Intranet WiFi. The publications and uploads were powered by CMS application. The scope of this digital catalogue fall in line with the future proof practices like e-Learning.