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    1. 1.Dr.Vilas/Srikanth Kulkarni-Treatment of bleeding haemorrhoids with Euphorbia prostrate extracts

    2. 2.Dr.Vilas/Srikanth Kulkarni-Local warming of surgical incisions-effect on wound infection and healing

    3. Ongoing Research
        1. “Unusual presentation of adult ileo ileal intussusception – a case report of B cell NHL” – By Dr Aparajita Mookherjee, Dr Sidduraj Sajjan , post graduate

        2. “Study of clinic-aetiological profile and functional outcome of undergoing major dysvascular lower extremity amputations” – Dr Ambikavathy, Dr S Kumar , Dr Ramesh Reddy

        3. “Study of effect of topical diltiazem hydrochloride versus lateral sphincterotomy for chronic fissure in ano- a comparative study” – By Dr Ambikavathy , Dr Ramesh Reddy

        4. “Study of open ventral hernia repair versus laparascopic ventral hernia repair: prospective randomised observative study” – By Dr Ravi Kumar, Dr Ambikavathy , Dr Ramesh Reddy

        5. “Stapled hemorrhoidectomy versus open surgery for third degree haemorrhoids” – by Dr Ambikvathy, Dr Ravi Kumar, Dr Ramesh Reddy

        6. “To study the efficacy of VAC dressing in management of non healing ulcers” – Dr Naveen, Dr Ramesh Reddy

        7. “Corelation of internatrional prostate symptom score and uroflometry in BPH” – Dr Kinghsuk, Dr Narayana

        8. “ study of efficacy of nano silver versus povidone iodine in chronic diabetic foot ulcer”- Dr Abdur Rehman , Dr Aparajita

        9. “ outcome of neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy and surgery in Carcinoma Rectum” – Dr Vybhav, Dr Chalapathy

        10. “ Comparative study of open versus laprascopic appendicectomy “ –Dr Sangamesh , Dr Mohan Ullikashi

        11. “ comparative study of surgical techniques- prolene hernia system vs Lichenstein in inguinal hernia “ – Dr Sourav Dhar, Dr Surendra

        12. “ Clinical study and role of diagnostic laprascopy in the role of undescended testis” – Dr Kiran , Dr Ramesh Reddy

        13. “ Clinical study of cervical lymphadenopathy with evaluation of investigations like FNAC, biopsy and immunohistochemistry” – DR Moonish, Dr Surendra

        14. “ Study of the effect of tamsulosin in spontaneous expulsuion of ureteric calculi “ – Dr Sriharsha, Dr Mugdur

        15. “Comparative study between open and laparoscopic cholecystectomy with or without placement of drain” – Dr Vinod, Dr Chalapathy

        16. “ Clinical and comparative study of different management modalities for hydatid liver disease” – Dr Priya Bharathi, Dr Aparajita

        17. “ Comparative evaluation of open with mesh repair and laprascopic repair of paraumbilical hernia “ – Dr Om Pramod Kumar Raja, Dr Narayana
        18. "Treatment of bleeding haemorrhoids with Euphorbia prostrate extracts"-Dr.Vilas/Srikanth Kulkarni

        19. "Local warming of surgical incisions-effect on wound infection and healing"-Dr.Vilas/Srikanth Kulkarni