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Faculty Chart

Name of other faculty and P.Gs Designation Date of Joining
Dr. Ramesh Reddy G Prof & HOD 19-08-2002
Dr. M.N. Surendra Professor 28-07-2006
Dr. V.Narayana Professor 01-08-2007
Dr. Aparajita Mookherji Professor 15-04-2013
Dr. Chalapathy D V Professor 21-03-2003
Dr. Raju G.H Professor 13-05-2013
Dr. Ambikavathy Professor 14-08-2014
Dr. Ravi Kumar .H Associate Professor 07-03-2007
Dr. Sangi Reddy Associate Professor 08-05-2006
Dr. Sandeep A Naik Associate Professor 03-01-2017
Dr. Venkatesh Reddy Associate Professor 05-12-2008
Dr. Guthikonda Venkata Krishna Reddy Associate Professor 19-06-2017
Dr. Bijava Kumar Sethi Assistant Professor 02-06-2015
Dr. Saikalyan Guptha Assistant Professor 15-01-2015
Dr. Kalpana Vineet Assistant Professor 02-01-2016
Dr. Siddaraju Assistant Professor 22-06-2015
Dr. Vasu Assistant Professor 01-08-2017
Dr. Vinay H.G Assistant Professor 30-07-2015
Dr. Kiran Kumar Assistant Professor 15-06-2015
Dr. Chandrashekhar Assistant Professor 28-12-2016
Dr. Vineeth Mannan Assistant Professor 02-01-2016
Dr. Shishira S Ranade Assistant Professor 24-05-2018
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Assistant Professor 19-08-2009
Dr. Sunil Kumar Assistant Professor 21-08-2015
Dr. Srikarthik. V Assistant Professor 06-08-2018
Dr. Vishnupriya D Sr. Resident 05-09-2017
Dr. Supriya B Sr. Resident 10-08-2017
Dr. Vybhav Sr. Resident 19-06-2017
Dr. Harsha Sr. Resident 19-06-2017
Dr. Vishnu Deepthi Sr. Resident 07-08-2017
Dr. Om Pramod Raja Sr.Resident 01-08-2017
Dr. Arjun Sr.Resident 26-10-2017
Dr. Nandji Singh Sr.Resident 31-05-2018
Dr. Sanjith Sr.Resident 18-06-2018
Dr. Siddesh Kumar MH Sr.Resident 11-06-2018
Dr. Zaara Ahmed Jr.Resident 15-04-2016
Dr. Yogesh .T Jr.Resident 16-04-2016
Dr. Santosh Kumar M Jr.Resident 18-04-2016
Dr. Bhatala Udayee Teja Jr.Resident 16-04-2016
Dr. Merin Mary Jr.Resident 20-04-2016
Dr. Shwetha R Chandra Jr.Resident 26-05-2017
Dr. Thanuja R Jr.Resident 26-05-2017
Dr. Karthik A S Jr.Resident 26-05-2017
Dr. Saideep R Jr.Resident 26-05-2017
Dr. Madhavan Praveen Jr.Resident 26-05-2017
Dr. Sarah Inayath Jr.Resident 26-05-2017
Dr. Amit Patil Jr.Resident 10-05-2018
Dr. Rimmalapudi Nitin Jr.Resident 10-05-2018
Dr. Sriya Gollamudi Jr.Resident 10-05-2018
Dr. Shivakumar Hadli Jr.Resident 10-05-2018
Dr. Bommareddy Akhila Jr.Resident 10-05-2018
Dr. Sowmya C U Jr.Resident 11-05-2018
Dr. Nischitha T J Jr.Resident 11-05-2018
Dr. R.Harish Jr.Resident 11-05-2018
Dr. Subhodaya R Jr.Resident 11-05-2018
Dr. Mahesh V Jr.Resident 11-05-2018
Dr. Monica N Jr.Resident 11-05-2018
Dr. Tinnu George Jr.Resident 25-05-2018

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