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Forensic Medicine, Toxicology and Medical Ethics

Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at Vydehi is fully tuned to the study, application and subsequently judicious use of all the areas of medical and human body knowledge primarily aimed at assisting the law. Generally this requires a dedicated team of skilled personnel in carrying out routine services of autopsy, clinical cases examinations followed by proper reporting and  dealing with any other medicolegal matter where opinion is sought by the investigating agency which is the Police Force in India.

Side by side with this there are educational programmes at undergraduate and post graduate levels, wherein a detail curricular teaching consisting of both theoretical and practical aspects are routinely done. Forensic medicine, forensic pathology, medical & health ethics, introduction to legal aspects of medical care, toxicology are major areas of teaching for MBBS in this department.. MD in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology course at the post-graduate level is also undertaken. All courses presently available and likely to be developed in future are/would be - as per Medical Council of India directives and affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences.

An undergraduate class in progress

Continuing Research work by the post-graduates guided by the faculty, research undertakings by the faculty and joint & collaborative research projects with other departments/agencies are part of responsibilities of our department.


Continuing Medical Education activities are carried out focused at developing skill, knowledge and attitude in recent developments.
In association with Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology &  Microbiology  , Vydehi Dental College , a CME on Forensic Odontology was conducted on 7th February 2015.Dr Asith  B. Acharya Forensic Odontologist & Dr S Venkata Raghava a senior Forensic Pathologist were guest speakers.

Banner Opening ceremony
Guest speaker Dr. Venkataraghava Guest speakers Dr. Asith Acharaya & Dr. Venkatara-ghava judging the posters


Prof. Jagadeesh N ,Prof  Sudhamshu Raj Sharma, Dr Padmini Hannah Noone,Dr Fairoz Khan, Dr Raviraj KG, Dr Shobhana SS, Dr. Prabeesh Y. Mr Manjanna KM, Mr Prabhu R,Mr Gurappa ,Mr Sudharshan, and Mrs Manjula, Mr. Subbaiah, Mr. Narayan Swamy

 Dept of Forensic Medicine hosted a student symposium on the topic “The Role of Doctors in Society” on 07-03-18 from 01:45pm to 03:45pm in seminar hall, ground floor, college block. The students of V term and VI term MBBS actively participated in the symposium. The student speakers were Ms. Vinutha.V, Ms. Harshini, Ms. Harunya, Ms. Amruthavarshini, Ms. Anupama, Ms. Syed Umar Farooq, Ms.Tejal, Mr. Karthik Alagappan students discussed past, present, future of role of doctors in society with Ethical reasoning, Legal solutions and Social implications. Many faculty members, postgraduates and other undergraduate students who participated in the student stmposium gave a favourable feedback that it indeed enriched their knowledge, reforced themselves to the need for attitudinal changes and refining their skills. The students were ably guided by all the faculty of the department in this academic event.