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Sl.No Authors Title of the paper Whether published in International National State/ Institutional Journals Details of indexing Citation of the journal Date of Publication
1 Shobhana S. S, Fairoz Khan, Sudhamshu Raj Sharma Students’s Perception: Conventional Vs. Non-Conventional Teaching Practices in Medical Ethics Indian Index Copernicus Journal of Evidence based Medicine and Healthcare; Volume 1, Issue 16, December 22, 2014; Page: 1981-1988. 2014
2 Fairoz Khan, Shobhana S. S, Sudhamshu Raj Sharma A Prospective Autopsy Study of Chest Injuries by Blunt Trauma”. Indian Index Copernicus Journal of Evidence based Medicine and Healthcare; Volume 2, Issue 3, January 19, 2015; Page: 212-218 2015
3 Geetha K B, Shashidhar S, Padmini Hannah Noone, Sudhamshu Raj Sharma Blunt trauma chest leading to sudden death with established coronary occlusion: A case study Indian Index Copernicus Journal of Evidence based Medicine and Healthcare; Volume 2, Issue 10, March 09, 2015; Page: 1553-1558. 2015
4 Jagadeesh.N Recent changes in medical examination of sexual violence cases State Index Copernicus JKAMLS Vol23(1), Jan-June2014. 2014
5 Jagadeesh.N Chapter in Textbook of Recent advances in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. Emerging issues in sex verification
6 Jagadeesh.N Retrospective Autopsy Study of Pattern of Injuries sustained by Pedestrians of fatal Road Traffic Accidents Indian EMBASE Scopus Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine Toxicology, January-June, 2015, Vol-9, No.1,145-149 2015
7 Jagadeesh.N Responding to Sexual Violence, Evidence-based model for the health sector, EPW Indian Indian Journal of medical ethics.2007;apr-jun; 2(2):116-20 2017
8 Padmini Hannah Noone Review article - Training in Forensic Histopathology- Significance in post graduate curriculum in forensic medicine Indian Index Copernicus Journal of evidence based medicine and health care; Vol 1 issue 7, sep 2014 page 597-98. 2014
9 Padmini Hannah Noone Age as a Predictive Tool of Aortic Valve Dimensions – An Autopsy Based Observational Study Indian Index Copernicus World Journal of Pathology, Volume No 4. March 2015 2015
10 Padmini Hannah Noone Role of doctor in euthanasia teaching medical students- challenges and perspective Indian Index Copernicus J clinic res bioethics 2015: 6;6 2015
11 Padmini Hannah Noone Examination of skeletanised human remains identification by standerd procedure and Forensic Odontology- A case report State Index Copernicus J SIMLA vol8, No 2: 2016: 108-112 2016
12 Ravi Raj K G, Shobhana S S “A Retrospective autopsy study on pattern of fatal injuries sustained by pedestrians” Indian Index Copernicus Journal of Evidence based Medicine and Healthcare.2015 March,2(13).1995-2000 2015
13 Shobhana S. S, Jagadeesh N Pattern of fatal head injuries autopsied at Vydehi Hospital Bangalore: 5 years study Indian Index Copernicus Journal of Evidence based Medicine and Healthcare; November 2014,1(10), Page: 1310-1319 2014
14 Shobhana S S, Ravi Raj K G Study of pattern of fatal head injuries in cases of fall from height and fall of heavy object on body autopsied at Vydehi hospital Bangalore Indian Index Copernicus Journal of Evidence based Medicine and Healthcare; July 2015,2(29), Page: 4284-4291 2015
15 Shobhana.S.S , Fairoz Khan Case of Anorexia nervosa with NASH- a case report International JIAFP, 2015, volume 01 issue 01 2015
16 Shobhana S S, Ravi Raj K G Pattern of Head injuries in Fatal RTA- 5 years study International V Care for Life Sciences Journal 2015

Other Departmental Publications / Activities

1.State Conference of Karnataka Medico legal Society - held on 13,14,15 Nov 2009 (FORENSICON 2009)
2.Prof Sudhamshu Raj Sharma – Member of the Expert group & Co-author – Handbook & Facilitations guide preparation on Medical Ethics – WHO, South East Asia regional level. 27 – 30 October, Dhaka 2009.
3.Prof Sudhamshu Raj Sharma & Prof Jagadeesh N – Modular teaching for Car Safety Evaluators at Mercedez Benz, Tumkur , Karnataka.
4.Prof Sudhamshu Raj Sharma & Prof Jagadeesh-Teaching of Medical Ethics & Forensic odontology for BDS students.
5.Dr. Fairoz Khan Paper presentation , Hyaline Membrane Disease – A case Report, State Conference of Karnataka Medico legal Society - held on 20, 21 Nov 2010 (FORENSICON 2010)
6. Collaboration on Bangalore Road Safety and Injury Prevention Programme with Dept.of Epidemiology NIMHANS , WHO supported initiative in state of Karnataka .
7.Regular histology is carried out in the department. Department is equipped for this.
8.Prof. Jagadeesh N - Guideline developement committee member, WHO Geneva for policy guidelines on clinical management of intimate partner violence - 2013
9. Prof. Jagadeesh N - Ministry of Health & Family welfare central Govt of India constituted committee to formulate uniform guidelines for Medical Management of sexual violence victim / survivor - 2017
10.Conducted CME/CDE – Forensic Odontology and its application. Feb 2015.
11. Dr. Fairoz Khan - Executive committee member - KAMLS 2017.