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Faculty Chart

Name of other faculty and P.Gs Designation Date of Joining
Dr. Satish Kumar S Prof & HOD 01-06-2001
Dr. G. Prabhakar Professor 14-011-2002
Dr. Mohan.G Professor 08-12-2004
Dr. Minutha R Associate Professor 21-05-2018
Dr. Harsha Pandiyan Assistant Professor 22-012-2016
Dr. Shurthi Assistant Professor 06-11-2013
Dr. Suha Sr.Resident 01-09-2017
Dr. Nabeel Malik Sr.Resident 01-09-2017
Dr. Swathi. R Sr.Resident 04-07-2018
Dr. Neha Singh Jr.Resident 16-04-2016
Dr. Shagun Sareen Jr.Resident 19-04-2016
Dr. Rekha R Jr.Resident 30-05-2017
Dr. Abhishek M Jr.Resident 29-05-2017
Dr. Sudha R Jr.Resident 25-05-2017
Dr. Geetha N Jr.Resident 25-05-2017
Dr. Aishwarya Sridhar Jr.Resident 10-05-2018
Dr. Akshith Battula Jr.Resident 10-05-2018
Dr. Akash Anadure Jr.Resident 11-05-2018
Dr. Razia Sultana Jr.Resident 11-05-2018

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