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  • 1. Cervical Thymic cyst- A case report, Dr. Gundala Prabhakar, Dr. A. N. Santosh, Dr. S. S. Manjunath, Dr. K. V. Santosh- Indian J Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery DOI 10.1007/s12070-011-0394-4.

  • 2. Mobiles Phones & Hearing – A review, Dr. S. Satish Kumar, Dr. Lokesh Viswanath and others- Pol J Med Phys Eng 2009;15(3):161-175.

  • 3. A study of fine needle aspiration cytology as an evaluation tool in head & neck masses, Dr. Santosh. A. Nagalikar, Dr. Rekha, Dr. G. Prabhakar, Dr. Satish Kumar, Manjunath. S- Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, No 2665/IJPHRD/2011.

  • 4. A Prospoective study of role of FESS in management of recurrent Nasal Polyposis, Dr. Santosh. A. N, Chandrakanth V. R, Dr. Meera, Dr. Mohan G, Dr. Satish Kumar, Dr. Manjunath. S- Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, No 2722/IJPHRD/2011.

  • 5. Comparison between partial inferior turbinectomy and Electrocautery for better symptomatic relief of Allergic Rhinitis, Ambika Udupa, Dr. S. Satish Kumar, Dr. G. Prabhakar- Australasian Medical Journal- Medicon 2011: AMJ 2012, 5,1,33-113.

  • 6. A study of 100 cases of ear and nose manifestations of head injury – Dr. Santhosh A.N, National Journal of Medical Sciences : July 2012, Vol. 1 No. 2


  • 1. Best PG paper in State Annual Conference of OtoRhinolaryngology held in Mysore in 2004 – Dr.Santhosh. A.Naglikar for paper titled “ Mandibular swing  : A Unique approach to Oropharynx. ”
    • Best free paper award in South Zone OtoRhinolaryngology conference held in Mangalore in 1998 – Dr. Sathish Kumar.S. for paper titled “ Scalp flaps for reconstruction of mid facial defects. ”

    • Gold Medal in South Zone and Kerala Satte Conference held in Trissur in 2015- Dr.Suha VNEkatesh for the paper titled “ Extramedullary Plasmacytoma- A rare case”.

    • Silver medal in ISOCON held in VIzag in 2015- Dr.Poornima S for the paper titled” Veria technique in cochlear Implantation- our Experience”

    • Gold Medal and First Rank in MS ENT final Exam conducted by RGUHS in 2015- Dr.Shwetha S

    • Gold Medal in 17th Annual Convocation held by RGUHS in ENT- Dr.Namith CS.

    • Successfully done 18 Cochlear Implantation Surgeries.

  • 9 .Three Published National papers in Indian Journal of OtoRhinolaryngology and Head & Neck surgery & Indian Journal of Cancer – Dr. Sathish Kumar. S