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Dermatology Faculty

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Faculty Chart

Name of other faculty and P.Gs Designation
Dr. Hanumanthayya Prof & HOD
Dr Bhanu Prakash Professor
Dr Yogeesh.T Associate Professor
Dr. Balasubramayan Assistant Professor
Dr. Jai Dev.N.C Assistant Professor
Dr. Manjunath K.G Assistant Professor
Dr. Kiran. C Assistant Professor
Dr. Mamatha. P Assistant Professor
Dr. Prathima Sr.Resident
Dr. Rajesh H N Sr.Resident
Dr. Ashwini N Jr.Resident
Dr. Anisha M Jr.Resident
Dr.Menakaa Mohan Jr.Resident
Dr.Priyanka Reddy R Jr.Resident
Dr. Hari Hara Natha Reddy M Jr.Resident
Dr. Nikhil Jr.Resident
Dr. Mounika Jr.Resident
Dr.Nida Jr.Resident
Dr.Ritu Agarwal Jr.Resident
Dr.Sonakshi S Jr.Resident
Dr.Ritika Shanmugam Jr.Resident
Dr. Sunitha Jr.Resident
Dr. Ranjitha Jr.Resident
Dr. Sohila Jr.Resident

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