Vydehi Institute of Dental Sciences
Conservative Dentistry & endodontics

Conservative Dentistry & endodontics Facilities

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  1. Dental Operating Microscope with camera for live demonstrations.
  2. X-ray machines.
  3. Radio Visio Graphy {Digital}.
  4. Intra Oral Camera.
  5. Apex Locators.
  6. Cordless & Corded Light Cure Machines.
  7. Rotary Endodontics with different systems
  8. Endodontic Retreatment kit (Masseran)
  9. Surgical Head Loupes.
  10. Ultrasonic Scaler with fibreoptic tip, Micro Endodontic Tips and Retro Treatment tips
  11. Pressurised local anaesthesia system. (Comfort Syringe)
  12. World Class Hu-Friedy operative and surgical instruments and instrument trays.
  13. Thermoplasticised Obturation Systems Thermafil, 3D-Ultrafil and Guttaflow
  14. Root Canal Repair Material, MTA.
  15. Ceramic/Metal finishing kits.
  16. Indirect cosmetic equipment.
  17. Crown removal systems.
  18. Contra angle, torque controlled air rotor hand pieces with fibre optic illumination including X SMART, MM SONIC, VDW Gold.