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Sl.no Title of paper Authors Citation of journal (details) Whether published in International / National / State / Institutional Journals Details of indexing Date of Publication
1 Obesity and body image perception among nursing students in a tertiary hospital in Bangalore, India Chaitali AG, Mangala S, Int J of recent Scientific Research,Nov2014.5(11):2146-48 International Index Copernicus Nov. 2014
2 A study on hypertension in urban slum in Bangalore, India Gore Chaitali, Dr Subramanian Mangala.A Int J of Medical and Applied Sciences,2015. 4(2)2;78-83 International Pubmed 2015
3 Childhood and Adolescent Overweight and Obesity – A public Health Challenge in India G Chaitali , S Mangala, A J Hemalatha, C Pradeep Int J of Scientific Study.2014;2(4):17-19 International Index Medicus Index Copernicus July 2014
4 A Effectiveness of student seminars as a Learning model among Medical students in a Teaching Hospital in Bangalore S Mangala , G Chaitali J of Research in Medical Education and Ethics.2014;4(2):226-9 National Index Copernicus July 2014
5 Diabetes risk in an Urban Slum Population in Bangalore G Chaitali, S Mangala Int. J of Prevent Public Health Sci 2016: ;1(6) 11-14 International Index Medicus Mar-April 2016
6 Depression and Insomnia among medical students in Bangalore Jose Roshini, G Chaitali Int. J of Preventive and Public Health Sciences International Index Medicus May – June 2015
7 Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in adolescents in a Medical College in Bangalore, India Achuth K, MangalaS, Pradeep C, Mini J, Subrahmanyan G. Int J of Scientic Study 2015;3(4):86-89 International Index Medicus 2015
8 Knowledge and attitude towards family planning practices among non-acceptors In a rural area in Bangalore, India Hemavarneshwari S, Mangala S, SubrahmanyamG Int J Research in Medical Sciences.2015 Dec;3(12):3611-13 International Index Medicus for South East Asia 2015
9 Improvement of protein energy malnutrition by nutritional intervention with moringa oleifera among anganwadi children in rural area in Bangalore, India V S Shrikanth, S Mangala, G Subrahmanyam India.Int J of Scientific Study April 2014.2(1):32-35 International Index Medicus for South East Asia 2014
10 Epidemiology of malnutrition among under five children in rural area in Karnataka, India Mangala S, Subrahmanyam G. International Journal of Recent Trends in Science And Technology 2014. 9(3): 311-14 International Index Copernicus 2014
11 Role model to establish comprehensive health care in primary health centre area with special reference to maternal and child health Mangala S, Hemavarneshwari S, Pradeep C, Mini J SubrahmanyamG Int J of Current Research Sep2014. 6(9):8504-07 International Index Copernicus Sep. 2014
12 Positive deviance approach and supplementary nutrition under ICDS Scheme on improvement of nutritional status of 2-6 year children in rural Bangalore Mohammed Imran, Mangala Subramanian, Subrahmanyam G, JayashreeSeeri, Pradeep C, Mini Jayan National J of Community Medicine. Jan –March 2014. 5(1):109-113 National Index Copernicus Jan- March 2014
13 Composite index of Anthropometric failure among anganwadi children in rural field practice area of Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre Vishakh C keri, Mangala S, Sumukh SJ, Karthik BV, Gautham B. IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences 2016; 15 (3):09-13. International Index Copernicus 2016
14 A study of prescription pattern of Neutraceuticals, Knowledge of the patients and cost in the Tertiary care hospital. SiddharthGosavi, Mangala Subramanian, Rajendra Reddy, BharthL.Shet Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic research, 2016;10(4):01-04. National PubMed Central 2016
15 Evaluation of Tinnitus in Call Center Professionals Using Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions Dr. Vinodh RS , Dr. Pradeep C , Dr. Veeranna N , Dr. Shankarappa C , Dr. Komaladevi , Komal Khanna J Pharm Chem Biol Sci 2015; 3(2):206-213 International Index medicus, Index Copernicus 2015
16 Awareness and practice towards dengue fever in Kannamagala village Bangalore, Karnataka, India Pradeep C, Achuth K S Manjula C Int J Community Med Public Health. 2016; 3(7): 1847-1850. doi:10.18203/2394-6040.ijcmph20162053 International Index Copernicus 2016
17 Bio-Medical Waste management: KAP study on Health Care Personnel working in Private Hospitals of Bangalore city Md Mustafa Ahmed, C Pradeep, Manasa R.V, Suhail Ambi, Vikas Jaiswal National journal of Research in Community Medicine,2016;5(1):64-8. National Index Copernicus 2016
18 Knowledge and practice on breastfeeding and infant feeding practices in pregnant women, at Sarjapura, Bangalore Pradeep C., Hemavarneshwari S Int J Community Med Public Health. (2016), [cited August 09, 2016]; 3(2): 533-537. doi:10.18203/2394-6040.ijcmph20160446 International Index Copernicus 2016
19 Utilization of Social Security Schemes among Elderly in Kannamangala,Bengaluru B M Nivedita, Hemavarneshwari S, S Mangala, G Subrahmanyam Int J Sci Stud 2015;3(7):82-85. International Index medicus, Index Copernicus 2015
20 Knowledge and attitude towards family planning practices among non-acceptors in a rural area in Bangalore, India Hemavarneshwari S, Mangala S, Subrahmanyam G.. Int J Res Med Sci. (2015), [cited August 09, 2016]; 3(12): 3611-3613. doi:10.18203/2320-6012.ijrms20151409 International Index medicus, Index Copernicus 2015
21 Dysmenorhoea and Premensrtual Syndrome:Frequency and Effect on Daily Activities of Adolescent Girls in Rural Areas of Bangalore. Kavita S Konapur, Chitra Nagaraj Int J Med Sci Public Health 2014;3:1225-1228. International Index Medicus Index Copernicus 2014
22 Effect of Health Education on Awareness and Practices Related to Menstruation among Rural Adolescent School Girls in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Chitra Nagaraj, Kavita S Konapur Int J Prevent Public Health Sci 2016;2(1):18-21. International Index Medicus Index Copernicus 2016
23 Prevalence and Risk factors affecting primary infertility. Chethana R, Shilpa Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences.Mar 2014 ;Vol3(13):3384-93. National Index Copernicus, Index Medicus for South-East Asia Region Mar 2014
24 Bio-Social Correlates Of Primary Infertility In Rural Field Practice Area Of Kempegowda Institute Of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Bangalore Dr. Shilpa Chethana, R. International Journal of Current Research 2016;8(05):30786-30792. International Pubmed Index Copernicus 2016
25 Treatment seeking pattern among infertile couples in a rural area Chethana,R Shilpa Int J Community Med Public Health. 2016 Oct;3(10):2884-2890 International Index copernicus 2016
25 Evolution of technology in teaching: Blackboard and beyond in Medical Education Jayakumary Muttappallymyalil, Susirith Mendis, Lisha Jenny John, Nisha Shanthakumari, Jayadevan Sreedharan, Rizwana B Shaikh. Nepal Journal of Epidemiology 2016;6(3):588-592 International Pubmed 2016
26 Factors influencing the use of complementary and alternative medicine for musculoskeletal disorders in the United Arab Emirates. Sharfaa Ahmed, Faryal Shaikh, Salihu M Lawal, Fredrick Ogugua, Khaleifah Al-Hafeiti, Saif Saeed Al-Hafri, Rizwana B Shaikh Hamdan Medical Journal2015; 8(1):137-144 International Pubmed 2015
27 Prevalence of Dokha Use among Secondary School Students in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. Noora Al Shemmari, Rizwana Burhanuddin Shaikh, JayadevanSreedharan Asian Pac J Cancer Prev, 15 (2), 427-430 International Pubmed 2015
28 A call to address Dokha smoking: an emerging form of tobacco use. Shaikh RB, Muttappallymyalil J, Sreedharan J, Osman OT. Public Health. 2014; 128(8): 766-767 International MEDLINE Science Citation Index Excerpta Medica Scopus 2014
29 Assessment of Breast Cancer Awareness among Female University Students in Ajman, United Arab Emirates ShathaSaed Al-Sharbatti*, Rizwana Burhanuddin Shaikh, Elsheba Mathew, MawahibAbd Salman Al-Biate. Sultan QaboosUniv Med J. 2014 Nov; 14(4): e522–e529. International Pubmed 2014
30 A comparative study of breast feeding practices among working and non working women attending a tertiary care hospital Mysuru Vindhya Polineni Prakash Boralingiah Praveen Kulkarni Renuka Manjunath Natl J Community Med. (2016), [cited August 09, 2016]; 7(4): 235-240. National Scopmed, Index Copernicus 2016
31 Study of breast feeding practices among working women attending a tertiary care hospital Mysuru, Karnataka, India Prakash Boralingiah Vindhya olineni Praveen Kulkarni Renuka Manjunath Int J Community Med Public Health. (2016), [cited August 09, 2016]; 3(5): 1178-1182. doi:10.18203/2394-6040.ijcmph20161380 Interntional Index Copernicus. Index medicus 2016