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Urban Health Training Centres

The department has an Urban Health Centre at infantry Road which caters to surrounding slums covering a population of about 12,792. The centre provides free out patient service and free drug distribution. Patients needing inpatient care are brought to Vydehi institute of health sciences & research centre. Regular health checkup and Health education camps are also conducted by the department.

Rural Health Training Centres

The main Rural Health Training Centre is situated at Kannamangala. This comes under Avalahalli PHC. It caters to a population of 45152. Services provided at RHTC includes out patient care and 24 hours inpatient care with delivery facilities. The center has also implemented the various National Health Programmes in this area.

The Specialists from Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre provide consultation at rural centre as follows: Monday – Ophthalmology & Medicine; Tuesday – Paediatrics; Wednesday – Surgery & ENT; Thursday – Orthopaedics; Friday – Pulmonology, Endocrinology, Psychiatry: Saturday – Dermatology. The OBG & Dental consultation are from Monday to Saturday.

There are additional rural health training centres in Muthasandra & Kadugodi also catering to a population of 15,478 and 84,460 respectively. The interns ,Undergraduate and Post graduates students together with the Assistant Professor, Health Inspectors and Social workers provide comprehensive health care to the community at these field practice areas.

Patients from Rural Health Centres who require Tertiary Care are referred to Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre for further treatment. Family planning operations and Cataract surgeries are conducted free for people from the rural community and urban slums.

Specialist Health Camps:  Specialist health camps are conducted on a regular basis in the surrounding villages and urban slums of the college. A total of 115 camps have been conducted in the past year and over 10,000 people have been screened for health problems at these camps. Fortnightly camps are also conducted at Kannamangala where on an average 200 patients are seen by specialists of various departments. Patients requiring further treatment are referred and treated for free at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre. From Janauary 2017 to march 2018, a total of 339 camps were conducted all over Karnataka, 3680 patients were referred to Vydehi institute of health sciences & research centre for further treatment.

Comprehensive School Health Programme: The department conducts regular school health programs where all school children are evaluated for various health problems like visual abnormalities, vitamin deficiency, dental diseases, mental disorders and skin diseases. The children at these camps are referred to Vydehi Hospital for any further treatment. 12 government schools and 2 private schools have been covered under this programme and a total of 3900 children have been screened by Assistant Professors, Post Graduates, Interns and social workers of the college in 2016-17. Regular health education programmes are conducted during the follow up visits.

Statistical cell

The department runs a Statistical Cell to serve the Statistical needs and to enhance research activities in the Institution. It offers postgraduate and undergraduate teaching programme related to statistics to several health science courses.


The department uses the software IBM SPSS Statistics Version 21

Statistical Service

Department runs a Statistical Service Centre for all levels of researchers in the institution. The statistital services are offered to the research studies conducted by UG & PG as well as faculty of Medical Dental, Nursing and allied health sciences

Epidemiological unit

An epidemiological unit is present in the hospital which focuses on the surveillance of communicable and non-communicable diseases, investigation of epidemics in the community and surveillance of water quality in the field practice area.

Immunization and Antenatal/Postnatal Section

Regular immunization as well as Antenatal & Postnatal clinics are conducted in the Rural Health Training Centres and Urban Health Training Centres. Antenatal mothers receive monthly check-ups by obstetricians from Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre. They are also given TT injections and IFA tablets at the RHTC.

Postnatal mothers are given check-ups by Interns and Postgraduates as well as by OBG Specialist. Those who completed their families are motivated for TO/LTO which is done free of cost at Vydehi hospital. The mothers who require spacing methods are motivated for IUCD, OCP or Conventional contraceptive methods.

Integrated Child Development Services Scheme

Health checkup of under five children is being carried out regularly at the anganwadis attached to the rural and urban health centres. These children are given treatment for Acute Respiratory Infections, Diarrhoea or other ailments at the Rural & Urban Health Centres. Those who require further investigation and management are referred to Vydehi Hospital.

Children who are undernourished are provided free Davangere Mix and their mother’s receive Nutritional Education by the Interns, Postgraduates and Social workers. These children are regularly dewormed every 6 months. They are monitored closely for improvement in their nutritional status using Growth Chart.