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Faculty Chart

Teaching Facilities
The Department of Anatomy in Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre is well equipped and provides with adequate infrastructure and equipment to accommodate 250 students.

Name of other faculty and P.Gs Designation Date of Joining
Dr. Varsha Mokhasi Prof. & HOD 08-11-2010
Dr. Rajini. T Professor 11-06-2009
Dr. Shashi Rekha Professor 12-07-2008
Dr. Gyata Mehta Assistant Professor 26-07-2011
Dr. Betty Anna Jose Associate Professor 12-06-2006
Dr. Swapnali Shamkuwar Assistant Professor 02-05-2011
Dr. Geethanjali. B.S Assistant Professor 13-07-2012
Dr. Aga Ammar Murthuza Assistant Professor 14-07-2015
Dr Geetha Rani B G Assistant Professor 20-09-2016
Mr. Surendra Babu.T Tutor 19-07-2013
Mr. C Srikanth M.Sc Tutor 07-07-2015
Dr. Rithesh Shetty Tutor 04-10-2017
Dr. Peddineni Anudeep Tutor 27-01-2018
Dr. M. Bahuguna Tutor 25-01-2018
Dr. Abhishek Narayan.H.L Tutor 26-01-2018

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Latest Equipments
Facilities- Laboratory, Department Library, Museum etc: