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Surgery before the advent of anaesthesia was painful and associated with increased morbidity and mortality.

William Thomas Green Morton in 1846, demonstrated the effects of ether, and introduced anaesthesia to the world.

Over the past 170 years the science of anaesthesiology has progressed at a rapid pace. Surgical outcomes and post-operative analgesia has relieved the patient and has provided pain relief.The anaesthesiologist has gone beyond the confines of the operation theatre. The department is now referred to as the Department of Anaesthesiology, Critical care and Pain care management.

Services provided

Pre Anaesthesia assessment clinics

  • Anaesthesia for patients
  • General anaesthesia
  • Regional anaesthesia
  • USG guided nerve blocks
  • Conscious sedation
  • Monitored anaesthesia care

Pain clinics for acute and chronic pain management.

  • Critical care services
  • Medical and surgical Intensive care units
  • Adult / paediatric / neonatal care units
  • Providing ventilator management and respiratory care
  • Training in Basic and advanced cardiac care and support

Anaesthesia and sedation in remote locations

  • MRI / CT scan departments
  • Cardiac catheterisation labs
  • Medical GI endoscopy rooms
  • ECT therapy in Psychiatry department

Training of undergraduate and post graduate students

  • Basics of anaesthesiology for UG students
  • For PG students; Theory / Practical / Hands on training
  • Training for research studies

Training for Para Medical courses

  • Anaesthesia technician course
  • Operation theatre technician course

Research activities

  • Staff: Publications / presentations in Conferences
  • PG: Publicarins / presentations in Conferences