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Faculty Chart

Name of other faculty and P.Gs Designation Date of Joining
Dr. Radhika Dhanpal Prof & HOD 01-04-2017
Dr. Natesh S.Rao Professor 03-08-2012
Dr. Yuvaraj .V.U Professor 15-10-2001
Dr. Shio Priye Professor 01-09-2006
Dr. M. Umamaheshwar Professor 06-10-2016
Dr. Swathi Bisht Professor 02-05-2005
Dr. Kalpana .K Associate Professor 02-08-2010
Dr. Dipali Singh Associate Professor 15-06-2007
Dr. Sreedhar M Assistant Professor 09-08-2017
Dr. Sathyanarayana J Assistant Professor 01-08-2017
Dr. Anantpadmanabhan Assistant Professor 19-07-2017
Dr. Prashanth Prabhu J Assistant Professor 25-05-2015
Dr. Shyamala Assistant Professor 14-09-2017
Dr. Jay Prakesh Assistant Professor 07-10-2016
Dr. Sarayu Ramamurthy Assistant Professor 10-10-2016
Dr. Shwetha K.M Assistant Professor 07-05-2018
Dr. Apoorva Gupta Assistant Professor 20-07-2018
Dr. Bhargavi Sr.Resident 11-05-2015
Dr. Vinodkumar Sr.Resident 02-08-2017
Dr. Praveen Raja K R Sr.Resident 08-09-2017
Dr. Lakshmi Jayakumar Sr.Resident 25-06-2018
Dr. Abhishek H N Sr.Resident 18-07-2018
Dr. G Veena Jr.Resident 18-04-2016
Dr. Saneep Reddy Devi Reddy Jr.Resident 20-05-2016
Dr. Syed Aamir Hussain Belgrami Jr.Resident 20-04-2016
Dr. Vandana V Jr.Resident 22-05-2017
Dr. Ramarao Bhogadi Jr.Resident 23-05-2017
Dr. Reema Kaul Jr.Resident 23-05-2017
Dr. Sindhu L Jr.Resident 25-05-2017
Dr. Nagalakshmi S Naik Jr.Resident 26-05-2017
Dr. Nikita Gupta Jr.Resident 26-05-2017
Dr. Deepa S D Jr.Resident 26-05-2017
Dr. Akshay C R Jr.Resident 27-05-2017
Dr. Raktavarna Jr.Resident 29-05-2017
Dr. Sampreeta S Jr.Resident 09-05-2018
Dr. Ashwini B Jr.Resident 10-05-2018
Dr. Deeksha R S Jr.Resident 10-05-2018
Dr. Meghana A Jr.Resident 11-05-2018
Dr. Merin Varghese Jr.Resident 11-05-2018
Dr. Harshitha J Jr.Resident 11-05-2018
Dr. Shruti Jr.Resident 11-05-2018
Dr. Chaitra M S Jr.Resident 11-05-2018
Dr. Rajeev R B Jr.Resident 11-05-2018

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