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Anaesthesiology Faculty

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Faculty Chart

Name of other faculty and P.Gs Designation
S. Gopal Prof & HOD
Dr. Natesh S.Rao Professor
Dr. Yuvaraj .V.U Professor
Dr. Shio Priye Professor
Dr. M. Umamaheshwar Professor
Dr. Swathi Bisht Associate Professor
Dr. Kalpana .K Associate Professor
Dr. Dipali Singh Associate Professor
Dr. Siddharth.R Assistant Professor
Dr. Pushpa .A Assistant Professor
Dr. Bharath .N Assistant Professor
Dr. Shilpa Joshi Assistant Professor
Dr. Sathyanarayana .J Assistant Professor
Dr.Tirupathy Jyothi Sathyanarayanappa Assistant Professor
Dr. Bhargavi Sr.Resident
Dr. Prashanth Prabhu Sr.Resident
Dr. Karthik Lakshmikanth Sr.Resident
Dr. Kavya K.S Sr.Resident
Dr. Jay Prakesh Sr.Resident
Dr. Kalpana .S Sr.Resident
Dr. Sarayu Ramamurthy Sr.Resident
Dr.Menaka V Sr.Resident
Dr. Swathy S Iyengar Jr.Resident
Dr. Anju J L Jr.Resident
Dr. Chandra Mohan S Jr.Resident
Dr. Alagu.A Jr.Resident
Dr. Elizabeth Preethi Jr.Resident
Dr. Praveen Raja Jr.Resident
Dr. Sarath Chandra .M Jr.Resident
Dr. Prathima Jr.Resident
Dr Hari Krishna Jr.Resident
Dr. Helina Jr.Resident
Dr. Girish Kumar Jr.Resident
Dr.Mannem Shravya Jr.Resident
Dr.Girish Kumar Sodar Jr.Resident
Dr.Anjum Ara Jr.Resident
Dr.Basheer P Jr.Resident
Dr.Namrutha S Jr.Resident
Sr.Asrith C Jr.Resident
Dr.Veena Jr.Resident
Dr. Parthasarathi G Jr.Resident
Dr.Praneeth Reddy Jr.Resident
Dr.Saneep Reddy Jr.Resident
Dr.Bindu T Jr.Resident
Dr.Syed Aamir Jr.Resident
Dr.Sravya Reddy Jr.Resident
Dr.Vijaya G Jr.Resident
Dr.Yogendra Jr.Resident

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