A Tête-à-tête with distinguished Prof. Steven E. Daley

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.… Professor with Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, & School of Psychology at California State University, Sacramento has been associated with Institute of Rehabilitation, VIMS & RC for 8 long years since 2004.

Vydehi Institute of Rehabiliation

The aim and objective of his visit to the Institute of Rehabilitation, VIMS & RC is to foster hope and collaborative support to the child and its family, as he strongly believes what is good for the child, is good for the family. In this context he emphasized on early intervention at grass root level through early start. The exercise is to take the therapists to pre-school and anganwadi in order to sensitize them for an early intervention, provide guidance and support through occupation, speech and physical therapy. The team at Institute of Rehabilitation, VIMS & RC in collaboration with Prof. Steven will develop a screening tool to get referrals from pre-schools and anganwadi for early intervention.

Institute of Rehabilitation, VIMS & RC is organizing talks by Prof. Steven E. Daley for the staff and families on Early Intervention through Early Start that will employ ongoing intervention, hope and support for the child and its family.

Prof. Steven has been extremely grateful and appreciative of the support extended by our Director, VIMS & RC – Smt. Kalpaja D. A, in laying the foundation toward providing early intervention, through specialist guidance and support to the child and its family.

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