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Cancer Treatment In India – The Current Scenario

Cancer is said to be one of the most common conditions amongst Indians and the sad part is India is listed as the third highest in cancer deaths in the world. The graph is pointing north and there is an estimated forecast of 25% increase by the year 2020. These are by far alarming figures. So, we need to be ready to fight the dreaded diseases and the first step to it is awareness about the conditions and its treatments.

Best Cancer Hospital in India

Every year over 6 lac people in India succumb to cancer in India. The most common cancers in India amongst men are oral, lung and throat cancers while the in women its breast cancer, cervix cancer and ovarian cancers. Even colon, prostate and kidney cancers are common types on cancers amongst the aged group. Apparently, causes of 25% of the cancers including bone, leukemia and more aren’t known yet. The majority cancer cases in India are that of oral cancers in men caused due to excessive intake of tobacco and its products. In women, cancer of the breast, uterus and kidney are caused due to obesity issues and genetic issues. Cervical cancer is a result of personal hygiene issues. The major causes of all remain tobacco use, obesity and cancer causing pathogens.

Every other day, we wake up to the news of some celebrity catching cancer and also that most of them moving abroad for treatment. But, the words coming out of the horses mouth speaks a different story. Ask the leading oncologists and cancer specialists in India, and they say that India is one of the best destinations for cancer treatment. Primary reason is the cost factor. While comparing the treatment cost overseas in Dollars or Pounds, India almost 500% to 700% cheaper. Furthermore, due to globalization getting the latest medications in India is quick, at the most late by 3 months or so. India not only has expert oncologists, it is also equipped with the latest equipments and treatment facilities across cancer hospitals.

Best Cancer Hospitals in Bangalore

The course of treatment depends upon the diagnosis of the condition and its current stage. The commonly used cancer treatments in India include Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, Immuno therapy, Hormone Therapy, Stem cell transplant, targeted therapy and precision medicine. The treatment might include one or combination of two or more treatments from the above, the common ones are radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery.
The latest in cancer treatment in India is Cyber Knife Surgery, a non invasive, pain free robotic radiation therapy with no side effects as such.

The cost varies depending upon the cancer type, stage of cancer, the treatment type and hospital as well. While chemotherapy treatment includes traditional, standard or cytotoxic chemotherapy and radiation therapy includes systematic radiation therapy (SRT), Radioimmuno therapy, Instaoperative radiation therapy (IORT), to name a few. The cost depends on the type of the therapy and the number of the cycles. Well, radio therapy is said to be the most expensive of all.

VOICE - Vydehi Oncology Institute and Center of Excellence

Well, Cancer does cost, but there’s always a way out. Some NGO’s in India work towards financing patients through this life threatening condition. Even some hospitals in India do offer Cancer treatment facilities at subsidized rates. One such hospital is Vydehi Insitute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore. The oncology centre VOICE at VIMS offers cancer treatments at almost 30% less cost compared to any other cancer treatment institute or hospital in Karnataka. While offering Financial assistance for advanced treatments like IGRT/ IMRT/ SBRT/SRS /HIPEC to all, it also provides free cancer treatment to BPL card holders of Karnataka. Besides housing highly qualified and experienced oncologists and cancer specialists, this centre is lately equipped with a hi-tech radiation zone that features Versa HD -Stereotactic Precision Radiotherapy unit (Triple F). Featuring high precision beam shaping and tumor targeting, Versa HD is designed with new capabilities to provide a faster and more accurate treatment for a wide range of cancer conditions.

Chikungunya in India – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

When it comes to life threatening diseases, the first few names that come to our minds as Indians are Cancer, Heart attack and aids, as these are the most common ones in India. But when it comes to non threatening diseases we tend to take things lightely. Sometimes, we might pay for such careless approach. Considering the weather conditions in India, hygiene issues and that it forms apt conditions for breading mosquitoes primarily in Tropical regions, making everyone highly vulnerable to get infected by Chikungunya.


Chikungunya is rampant in the whole of India and mosquitoes are the careers for it. Let us understand the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of both.

Cikungunya, a RNA virus is responsible for causing chikungunya and is spread through two species of Aedes type mosquito. The name of the condition finds its origin from a description in Makonde language and means ‘to be contorted”. Apparently, it is derived on the basis of the posture issues that develop amongst the victims on account of severe joint pain. It was first discovered in the year 1952 in Tanzania. Even though it is considered to be a tropical disease, the affected populace includes that of Africa and Asia, including India.

The symptoms of Chikungunya surface within a few days after the mosquito bites the victim and includes high fever, joint and muscle pain, rash and swelling around joints. Rarely, the symptoms could include heat rash, measles, nausea, conjunctivitis and vomiting. Chikungunya is not a fatal condition but is accompanied by persistent joint pain that may last for upto a year or more post recovery.

DIAGNOSIS – Based on the symptoms the doctor may ask for a Blood Test to confirm the same.

There is no prescribed medicine or treatment for Chikungunya though doctors recommend fluid intake as much as possible. Besides, OTC drugs like ibuprofen, acetaminophen and naproxen are taken to ease out fever and joint pain.

Prevention is always the best idea and as mosquitos are the root cause of this problem, its advisable to stay away from them. Some basic and simple precautions include using mosquito nets, mosquito repellents, keeping the surroundings clean, wearing body covering clothes, avoiding travel to regions bearing the brunt of chikungunya outbreak, to name a few.

Chikungunya is fast taking India in its claws and its high time we fight back and put in individual efforts towards eradicating this condition from the country. Sp its advisable to take the afore-mentioned simple steps to stay away from it.



Lets begin with some good news for asthma patients. The life expectancy of asthma patients is no less than any other normal human being, upto 80 years on an average. So, if you are a child, a teen, youngster and you have to live with it, atleast be happy that its not cutting off your life span. Yes, there are a lot of issues like breathing difficulties and more that you come as package deal with the condition, but working around the same can be of great help, certainly.


If you have been an asthamatic for a long while, you are sure to know the triggers that give you attacks. It could be dust mites, smoke, cockroaches, nitrogen oxide emissions, warm blooded pets, etc. If you’re not , you simply need to keep a check on your eating habits, exercise, weather conditions, surroundings and observe. You will soon figure out the triggers that are most likely give you attacks. Once you know them, try to stay away from them or avoid them as much as possible. Stay alert. Stay safe.



When you have asthma, the diagnosis matters a lot. The right diagnosis can help you out with the correct therapies and regimen to avoid the occurrence of attacks. Improper diagnosis is just beating around the problems and not getting to the heart of it. So work closely with your doctor across seasons so as to help yourself the apt treatment.


Sometimes, we tend to pay less attention in the process of using inhalers which are an integral part of an asthamtic’s life. As stupid as it may sound, the truth is some of us don’t even know whether we are using the inhaler optimally. The medication from the inhalers has to reach the bronchial tubes to be effective enough and for that to happen, taking the medication properly is important.


As they say a stitch in time saves nine, once you have asthma, taking care of yourself is important and could help you keep away from asthma attacks to a great extent. Simple precautions like using a scarf and keep yourself warm during cold weather, staying away from highly polluted areas or traffic and taking medications on time and reaching out to the doctors sooner in case of problems would certainly ease your life.

Pollution in India is taking a toll, particularly metro cities that are densely populated, not to forget the recent smog issues faced by New Delhi, one of its kind to see. This is definitely going to up the asthma patient count drastically. In order to deal with pollution or with asthma life long,  following certain routines and taking needed precautions to avoid it, is a highly advisable.

For More info contact to Department of TB & Chest

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Visit by Professor Sheldon M. Schuster

Prof. Sheldon M Schuster, President of Keck Graduate Institute, CA, USA paid an official visit to Vydehi Campus on March 17, 2017. His visit included the Medical College & Hospital, Vydehi School of Excellence and Vydehi Museum to name a few.

Why Drinking Ample Water Is A Good Idea During Summer?

Why Drinking Ample Water Is A Good Idea During Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and this is the time when health and fitness issues start coming into the picture. But, like they say, there’s always a way out, same is the case here too. To beat the scorching summer heat, one ultimate solution to numerous health and fitness problems definitely is – drinking ample of water. Well, we all know that 8 glasses of water a day is what the health specifics say, but the more, the better always.

Our body is made up of water mostly if not fully, 60% to be precise and makes use of water for every physiological process besides lubrication purpose. Considering the extensive usage of water by our body, it is apparently proven that water is an integral part of our system and its functioning. Let us run down some of the remarkable benefits that this natural resource called water offers to humankind.

CLEARS HARMFUL TOXINS - Starting the day with a warm glass of water coupled with honey or lemon is the best way to get rid of all the toxins out of your body. It is known to be one of the most effective ways to detox and is recommended by many fitness experts.

BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM - Drinking water regularly helps the immune system of the body fight against conditions like kidney stones, heart attacks, digestive disorders, skin disorders, cancers, influenza and more. Consider water as booster dose to the body every single day.

HELPS IN WEIGHT LOSS - Weight gain or loss is much associated with metabolism of the body. Drinking ample water increases your metabolism to an extent and helps you lose weight. Studies have shown impressive figures with over weight and obese people consuming 1 -2 litres of water daily.

PROTECTS FROM DEHYDRATION - The scorching sun is all set to suck out the energy from your body resulting into fatigue, at times back pain and migranes too. So, regular intake in the body keeps you rehydrated, up and active.

AVOIDS CONSTIPATION – Water aids the digestion process just like a catalyst. It helps the body break down the complexities of the food and absorb the nutrients. It also avoids constipation issues by softening the stool.

RELIEVES AND AVOIDS PAIN – Water is the best preventive measure to avoid bodily issues like cramps, back aches as it keeps the whole body lubricated. It also is a great remedy on problems like headaches, migranes caused due to dehyrdation.

Above all, water keeps you fresh and activated throughout the day and has many more benefits associated with it other than the afore-mentioned few. So, if you want to stay fit and active try to sip in a lot of water throughout the day and stay away from health issues – that too at almost no cost.

What’s more, you can even Drink and Drive!….:)

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Autism in Women – The Difference

Autism in Women

Though Autism effects men and women both, international studies show that the number of women diagnosed with Autism is as many as 5 times less than that of men. Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a disorder that hampers social behavior. People with ASD find significant difficulty in communication and interaction socially. Their interests are also limited in nature with keen interest in some particular subject/ subjects. They also display repetitive behavior and unusual responses to anger, affection or distress. These are simply a few of the symptoms that people with Autism show. On the flip-side, these people are more intelligent on an average and have the abilities to excel in subjects like mathematics, science, art or music.

Now there are questions raised on the fact whether Autism has anything to do with gender and the research in the direction is already on. Many theories have been presented in the matter which harp upon the fact that were ignored. Here is a run down some reasons for less diagnosis of Autism in Women –

MALE ORIENTED RESEARCH – Based on the fact that case of Autism have been high in boys, the study or research on it mainly revolved round male characteristics. There is almost no data on autism research dedicated to female gender.

OVERSIGHT OR NEGLIGENCE – Usually, males are the ones who receive more attention in childhood as compared to females, because of their disruptive nature. This on the other hand might cause oversight or negligence to the girl child with Autism symptoms.

LESS SEVERE SYMPTOMS COMPARED TO MALES – there are studies about girls having less severe symptoms compared to boys, because in general that are known to be introvert as compared to the boys and its socially acceptable as well.

SOCIAL INTERESTS IN GIRLS ARE AS USUAL – When compared with boys who develop keen or critical interests in unusual subjects like train time table for example while in girls is more or less about dolls, celebrities and more. So, girls with autistic symptoms cannot be easily pointed out.

FEMALES TEND TO MASK THE SYMPTOMS – The girls are usually more adjusting in nature and autistic girls might even repress their behavior even more, which would avoid making them the center of attraction.

Gender autism studies taken up in the recent past suggest that women exhibit different symptoms than males with autism.

Here is a run down these symptoms

  • Shy or Passive Behavior
  • Prefer Direct Interaction with others
  • Better imagination and linguistic ability
  • Interests around people and animals
  • More social imitation skills
  • Experience high anxiety and depression levels
  • Experience heavy stress in teenage and make few friends

Many of the symptoms are not really helpful and hence it results in under diagnosis in Women, Particularly. There have also been instances where women have been diagnosed with Autism post their 40’s due to the aforementioned factors. But, the coming times seem to shed more light on the topic so that the diagnosis could be done as early as possible so as the treatment.

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The Nephro-urology department of Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre organized a 5KM Marathon run to create awareness on Kidney Diseases and Obesity as a contribution towards their World Kidney Day activities. The 5KM run was flagged off by the popular Kannada Film Star Dr Shiva Rajkumar. Many enthusiastic runners including students, faculties and head honchos from the Institute participated in the Kidney awareness run. Merchandise like T-shirts were also distributed to all the participants for Kidney Awareness.  The 5KM marathon that started around 5.30 am on March 9, 2017 and concluded late in the morning, was a grand success.


Osteoporosis in Women in India – Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Osteoporosis in Women in India – Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Aging is the one process, we as humankind have no control on and with aging brings along many health issues as well. Our body weakens gradually and becomes vulnerable to diseases, illnesses and health conditions. Depending upon the body type and lifestyles, it varies. Osteoporosis is one such condition which is very common amongst women in India. Particularly, after menopause when bones start turning weak and start losing density through vitamin D, Calcium and Mineral loss.

The condition when bones become extremely porous, fragile and are subjected to fractures easily, is known as osteoporosis. There is a certain imbalance between the old and new bones in this condition. Though Osteoporosis is more prevalent in elderly people, it is more common in women than men. The reason being that the hormone called estrogen is responsible for maintaining bone density in women. After menopause, estrogen levels drop considerably in women and thus decrease the bone density as well. Over 25 million people in India are known to suffer from this condition and the sad part is there are not specific symptoms other than pain or disability for early detection of the condition.

Risk Factors

  • Old Age is a major risk factor
  • Genetic influence
  • Small body frames and thin people
  • Women post menopause
  • Poor diet habits
  • Addictions like alcohol, smoking and more
  • High dosage of drugs, medicine and steroids

As mentioned earlier unless a bone injury or a fracture is occurred, detection of osteoporosis is not really possible. An X-ray of a fractured bone helps in detecting the condition, though not with high accuracy. For best diagnostic results, Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) is a better choice. The actual score of the patients bone density is compared with the permissible range available. Usually for bone density test, the normal range is between 0-1. If the bone density in the range (-1 to -2.5) its osteopenia and if it is below minus 2.5 then it definitely is osteoporosis.

After knowing the root cause of the condition, the treatment is decided. But, it is not generally possible to eradicate the disease completely. Various suitable medications are provided by the consulting doctor to reduce bone density loss and for strengthening the bones as well. Alternatively, treatments and therapies like testosterone and hormone replacement treatment, stem cell therapy also offered. Vitamin D and Calcium supplements are also prescribed by doctors of treating osteoporosis.

Though, age is a major factor in Osteoporosis and it is more common in women, the easy way out is putting in all efforts to prevent the same. The first big step in the direction is adopting a healthy lifestyle that is a blend good diet and exercises. Evening walking and jogging is a good addition to your lifestyle. Consume a diet that is rich in Calcium and Vitamin D. Smoking and drinking is a habit with women as well, and is better avoided or kept to bare minimum.

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Inauguration of DKA Oncology Block – VOICE

Vydehi Oncology Institute and Center of Excellence(VOICE), Introduced a new radiation zone, a dedicated Oncology OPD-DKA Block, State of the art paediatric wing and a hybrid world class operation theatre complex.

Prevent Cancer By Including These 5 Spices In Your Diet

Well, there has been quite a development over the years in the field of cancer, but what could be better than doing stuff that helps you keep away from it? Cancer is one of those medical conditions that is still under the process of finding a sure shot cure. Though India houses some of the best cancer hospitals, treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, cell transplant and more are simply ways of fighting against the dreaded cancerous cells, stopping their manifold growth and increasing life span. There are numerous people in the world living with the condition and many who have succumbed to it. Well, going by the saying, Prevention is better than cure, lets talk about some simple Indian spices (yes, you read that right) that play a significant role in lowering the risk of different types of cancers in humankind.

Here’s listing out 5 Indian spices, a regular addition of which in food can lower the risk of cancer to an extent, as per studies.

saffron helps prevent cancer1. SAFFRON - It’s rightly said that size does not matter and Saffron proves this saying perfectly. This little thing has the ability to decrease the tumor size to half. Amazing and true as it contains the primary cancer fighting element known as Crocetin. It is a natrual carotenoid dicarboxylic acid primarily responsible for fighting cancer. It offcourse is most expensive of the spices, but is power packed with cancer killing cells.

2. TURMERIC - it is a hoturmeric-Ausehold name in India for centuries now. Every spice box in an Indian home has a permant place for this spice. The haldi milk whenever one has cold or cough is a common houseremedy with grand mommies. True to its name, it’s also the fore runner when it comes to fighting cancerous cells. Studies have already proved that turmeric has the ability to retard the growth of cells causing various cancers like melanoma, brain tumor, prostate cancer, leukamia, pancreatic cancer and more. It contains Polyphenol Curcumin that kills the cancer breeding cells, while preserving the healthy ones and thereby boosting Apoptosis (cell suicide). In treatment procedures like Chemotherapy and radiotherapy, even the healthy cells are harmed with the cancerous ones causing probable side-effects.

3. CINNAMON - This spice hcinnamonas found its way through the Indian spice ecosystem to the homes ofIndians and is extensively used in many Indian gourmet preparations. Known to enhance the flavor of every dish it is a part of, a teaspoonful of this spice per day in your diet is enough to keep the cancer creating cells at bay. It actually blocks the new cells from forming, thereby reducing tumorous growth. Now, adding it to your diet is no big deal, just sprinkle some on your breakfast creations like pancakes or start your day with cinammon flavored tea. Easy ain’t it.

Fennel-4. FENNEL - Fennel consists of a consitutent called Anethole, responsible for fighting and curbing the invasive activities of cancerous cells. It’s arsenal is made of antioxidants and phyto-nutrients just enough to defeat the deadly cancerous cells. Furthermore, it cuts off the the enzymatic regulated activities responsible for multiplication of cancer cells.

cumin-Ab5. CUMIN - Loaded with Thymoquinone, a coumpund that restricts the reproduction of cells responsible for prostate cancer, cumin is one soldier of a spice against cancer besides being full of anti-oxidants and aiding digestion.


Now that you are aware of the 5 spices that are your soldiers against cancer, include them in your regular diet and do your bit to stay away from cancer.