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Why is VIMS one of the Best Colleges for Medical Education

Medical education as we all know is one of the most sought after educational courses in India ever since its inception. Every year thousands for Medical Aspirants slog to the best of their abilities to crack the medical entrance test namely Common Entrance Test & more, for a chance to pursue one of the highest paying degree courses in India and around the world as well.

 Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences

Well, there are many different streams and courses to opt for in the education field in India already, but one field that is still the top scorer in the parents choice of educational courses is Medical Education. So, in case you are willing to join the MBBS or associated medical courses, take it for granted that your parents are definitely going to back you to the fullest. Most of them would be willing to fight all odds to make their child a doctor, even if they have to spend a fortune. So, you need not worry on that front at all. Your worry now remains, cracking the entrance tests and finding the right medical college, for a shining career in medicine.

Let us consider, you are a star scorer and have immense chance of cracking the entrance and getting a variety of college choices to opt from. Now, the second phase involves homework or groundwork for a medical college that offers you best infrastructure, quality education, practical experience and supports you with job opportunities as well.
Considering the location of the college and your education budget does matter, but budget issues could be sorted out if the college is worth, that’s what seems a good idea – ask career experts and they’ll say the same.

Apparently, there are umpteen medical colleges across India, but there are certain important points to consider before selecting a medical college to join in, as already mentioned before. Make a checklist of the points to help you shortlist them and finally narrow down to one of your choice.
Speaking of medical colleges, one college that needs to be checkout is Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore only because it offers medical education of high standards. Located in EPIP area of whitefield, this temple of medical education was established in the year 2000. It has 250 seats available for admission under MBBS undergraduate courses and 56 under post graduate category.

Recognized by the Medical council of India and affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, VIMS also has tie ups with global universities like University of California and Georgia. It is nestled amidst a lush green and sprawling campus of 65 acres. Supported by a multi-specialty hospital with facilities of advanced healthcare systems, VIMS & RC focuses on delivering comprehensive, integrated medical education and innovative healthcare technology and research.

This state of the art infrastructure that includes numerous facilities like advanced education and recreation facilities, research and development offerings, library & hostel setup for in depth knowledge acquisition and professional training is just but a part of the comprehensive educational unit it is. Supported by scholars as faculty to for excellence in medicine, VIMS & RC is also equipped with a 1600 bedded multi-specialty hospital for hands on training.

VIMS & RC, thus is not just any medical college, it is actually a powerful platform for aspiring doctors to transform themselves from ordinary human beings to extra ordinary people with a purpose and ability to serve the society and its people as a medical professionals and saviors in a way.

No wonder, it is one of the most sought after institutions for excellence in medical education for all the aspiring students with a passion for healthcare education.

Visit by Professor Sheldon M. Schuster

Prof. Sheldon M Schuster, President of Keck Graduate Institute, CA, USA paid an official visit to Vydehi Campus on March 17, 2017. His visit included the Medical College & Hospital, Vydehi School of Excellence and Vydehi Museum to name a few.

Why Drinking Ample Water Is A Good Idea During Summer?

Why Drinking Ample Water Is A Good Idea During Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and this is the time when health and fitness issues start coming into the picture. But, like they say, there’s always a way out, same is the case here too. To beat the scorching summer heat, one ultimate solution to numerous health and fitness problems definitely is – drinking ample of water. Well, we all know that 8 glasses of water a day is what the health specifics say, but the more, the better always.

Our body is made up of water mostly if not fully, 60% to be precise and makes use of water for every physiological process besides lubrication purpose. Considering the extensive usage of water by our body, it is apparently proven that water is an integral part of our system and its functioning. Let us run down some of the remarkable benefits that this natural resource called water offers to humankind.

CLEARS HARMFUL TOXINS - Starting the day with a warm glass of water coupled with honey or lemon is the best way to get rid of all the toxins out of your body. It is known to be one of the most effective ways to detox and is recommended by many fitness experts.

BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM - Drinking water regularly helps the immune system of the body fight against conditions like kidney stones, heart attacks, digestive disorders, skin disorders, cancers, influenza and more. Consider water as booster dose to the body every single day.

HELPS IN WEIGHT LOSS - Weight gain or loss is much associated with metabolism of the body. Drinking ample water increases your metabolism to an extent and helps you lose weight. Studies have shown impressive figures with over weight and obese people consuming 1 -2 litres of water daily.

PROTECTS FROM DEHYDRATION - The scorching sun is all set to suck out the energy from your body resulting into fatigue, at times back pain and migranes too. So, regular intake in the body keeps you rehydrated, up and active.

AVOIDS CONSTIPATION – Water aids the digestion process just like a catalyst. It helps the body break down the complexities of the food and absorb the nutrients. It also avoids constipation issues by softening the stool.

RELIEVES AND AVOIDS PAIN – Water is the best preventive measure to avoid bodily issues like cramps, back aches as it keeps the whole body lubricated. It also is a great remedy on problems like headaches, migranes caused due to dehyrdation.

Above all, water keeps you fresh and activated throughout the day and has many more benefits associated with it other than the afore-mentioned few. So, if you want to stay fit and active try to sip in a lot of water throughout the day and stay away from health issues – that too at almost no cost.

What’s more, you can even Drink and Drive!….:)

Know more about Vydehi Medical College in Bangalore


The Nephro-urology department of Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre organized a 5KM Marathon run to create awareness on Kidney Diseases and Obesity as a contribution towards their World Kidney Day activities. The 5KM run was flagged off by the popular Kannada Film Star Dr Shiva Rajkumar. Many enthusiastic runners including students, faculties and head honchos from the Institute participated in the Kidney awareness run. Merchandise like T-shirts were also distributed to all the participants for Kidney Awareness.  The 5KM marathon that started around 5.30 am on March 9, 2017 and concluded late in the morning, was a grand success.


NABL Grants Accreditation to VIMS & RC

nabl certification

CERT No. M-0882

The State of art facilities of laboratory services in Central Diagnostic Laboratory at Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre has been accredited prestigious recognition by National Accreditation Board of Testing Laboratories (NABL), Which complies as per the International Standards ISO 15189:2012 and is effective from 22-04-2016.

All the tests across all the sections of the Laboratory has been covered in the scope of NABL Accreditation.

Central Diagnostic Laboratory is equipped with all updated latest high-end equipments in all the sections of Central Diagnostic Laboratory i.e Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology & Serology, Clinical Pathology, Haematology & Immunohaematology, Cytopathology and Histopathology. All the sections of the Central Lab have passed through all Quality Control Programs successfully.

Our Motto is to strive towards Quality Care.

For more details Contact:
Dr. Rekha Singh
CDL Incharge & NABL Co-Ordinator

Feather in the cap

Om Sai Ram
90 Jal vayu Vihar,
Kammanahalli Main Road

Dear Mrs D.A Kalpaja,

I write to convey my regards and enclose an article from the Army Journal of Combat Medicine for your kind perusal. It was written by Major Ritesh Goel, the RMO(Regimental medical officer) of the 4th Para(SF)- 4th Battalion of the Parachute Regimen(special forces -earlier called Para Commandos). This Elite battalion was part of the Agra based 50 Parachute Brigade( 1 Brigade has 3 battalions) which was called for Aid to Civil Power during the Kedarnath cloud burst and floods.

Ritesh Goel was a student of our good college (1st batch) and has done his Alma mater proud. He was motivated to join the army by Dr. Brig. AS Kasthuri VSM the then HOD Medicine of VIMS. Brig AS Kasthuri VSM was also my instructor during PG at AFMC from 1982 to 1984.

Ritesh Goel led a team which was dropped by Air Force helicopters right in the middle of destruction. With no place to land they slithered down by ropes from the hovering helicopters.

They set up a dispensary, Communication centre and opened up the road blocks for further army and civil reinforcements to move in. The rest of the story unfolds in the undertyped by this well motivated young major.
feather in the cap

With the highest regards
Yours Sincerely
Surgeon Captain (Dr.) Ashok Bhagra VSM
Associate professor
Department of medicine
Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences
Whitefield Bangalore-560066

Final Scores Released for 2014 PGET By COMEDK

The Consortium of medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka(COMEDK) conducts the Post graduate Entrance Test(PGET) for post graduate admissions in Karnataka. The entrance test caters to the member institutions in Karnataka only, as per the eligibility desired by Medical council of India/ Dental Council of India.

COMEDK provides fair and effective objective testing processes for private member institutions and 21,579 candidates have so far registered for the test.
comedek pget 2014

The Post Graduate Entrance test was held on 2nd Feb 2014 by COMEDK. COMEDK released the final scores for 2014 and these scores will be used for Post graduate Studies in 12 medical Colleges and 19 Dental Colleges. 600 seats are available for admission. The official website of COMEDK( has provided the provisional list of answer keys. This website can be assessed by the candidate’s login details such as application number and date of birth. All the application details such as Online TAT(Online Test Admission Ticket), Online Rank card and alerts depend on the application status update. There were 4 sets-A,B,C,D and the provisional answer keys were released on Feb 3rd 2014.


Skill Matrix 2013 – Bridging Gap between Medicine and Education

Skill Matrix 2013 was organized by Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre from 2nd December, 2013 to 6th December, 2013. This was an initiative undertaken to bridge the gap between medicine and education. Apart from this, it also reinforces Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre’s commitment to continuous learning. It is conducted once in two years.
Skill Matrix 2013 is conducted to address basic science and clinical practice issues. It clubs the knowledge, technical facilities and best practices from all over the world.

This year Skill Matrix 2013 focused on Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Developmental Disabilities. It brought together the specialties in Neurology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Neuro Surgery, Paediatrics, ENT and the Rehabilitation professionals to find solutions to the challenges we face in dealing with developmental disabilities. What it all aims at is patient care to the greatest extent.


The following lists out the eminent speakers present at Skill Matrix 2013:

  • Dr. Ryan H. Kotton MD, Director – High Risk Infant Progress Clinic and Paediatric Rehabilitation Cedars – Sinai Medical Center: Being a part of Cedar -Sinai’s multi disciplinary team, Dr. Ryan focuses in treating children with cerebral palsy as well as children and adults with neurologic and musculoskeletal impairments.

    Topic: Recent advances in Management of Neuromuscular Developmental Disabilities: A multidisciplinary team approach.
    Synopsis: This guest lecture By Dr. Ryan H. Kotton has been very impressive and his way of expression on the above topic has made very clear and easily understandable to the audience. According to him the treatment of such innocent children born with neurological disabilities should be started in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit itself And there should be no delay in starting the effective management right from the early period. There should be no delay in management. The protocol to follow is to identify early the risk factors involved in such children with congenital deformities. Assessment of spasticity. And analyzed what is the clinical significance. Prevent identifiable morbidity by effective treatment.
  • Dr. Ryan H. Kotton

  • Dr. Khaled A. Tawansy MD, Founder and Director of Children’s Retina Institute of California and also a prominent retinal surgeon. He is an assistant professor of Ophthalmology at Loma Linda University where he teaches retina surgery.

    Topic: Retinal Implants and Artificial Vision.
    Synopsis: Specified on the clinical presentation on fundus and photography. Microcephaly in 39 weeks child and the presentation of the fundus findings. X Linked Norrin Mutation. Dx Coat’s Disease, Idiopathis – Injection of AVASTIN.
  • Dr. Khaled A. Tawansy

  • Dr. Anshu Bhatra MD, She is a FAAP Board Certified Developmental and Behavioral Paediatrician. She has been in the paediatric practice since 1994.

    Topic: Early Identification and Diagnosis of ASD. Clinical Management of ASD.
  • Dr.Anshu Bhatra

  • Ms. Diana Dennis MA, ECSE, Director at Children’s Program, Therapeutic Living Centre (TLC). She has been involved in this field for over 18 years ensuring to shower rays of hope in the lives of blind people. For the last 12 years she has been specializing in visual impairment.

    Topic: Educating children with special needs in the least restrictive environment.
  • Ms. Diana Dennis

  • Ms. Nancy Dilger MA, having an experience over 30  years with treatment and clinical management in neonatology, paediatric acute care, rehabilitation, habilitation and school and institutional settings, she is a Board Certified Paediatric Clinical Specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association.

    Topic: Developmental Biomechanics: Equipment – Positioning, Seating and Orthotic Intervention.
  • Ms. Nancy Dilger

  • Dr. Jennifer Kaur Rodriguez Sohal MD, she is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon in Los Angeles. Her prime focus is in the treatment of myelopathy, lumbar spinal stenosis and neurogenic claudication, spinal instability and radiculopathy, both cervical and lumbar.

    Topic: Spine Surgery in the Aging Population: Part I — Lumbar; Part II — Cervical.
  • Dr.Jennifer Kaur Rodriguez Sohal

  • Prof. (Dr.) J.M. Hans, MBBS, DLO, MS, he is a Padmashree Awardee as well as a one of the pioneers in the field of cochlear implant surgery and to set the track he has done above 1000 cochlear implants in his center.

    Topic: Neuro-Plasticity: Development of Hearing.
  • Prof. (Dr.) J. M. Hans

  • Dr. Audrey Griesbach, MD, she was a pioneer of Developmental Paediatrics where she still continues to evaluate and treat children with developmental delays, learning disabilities, ADHD and other behavior disorders, autism, genetic disorders and cerebral palsy.

    Topic: Fragile X Syndrome: Complex Neuro-Developmental Disorder in Children and Adult. Identification and Treatment.
    Synopsis: This guest lecture by Ms. Audrey Griesbach has specified that this congenital deformity is the most common cause of inherited intellectual disability. Autism Fragile Primary ovarian insufficiency in women. Mothers(X-X) have 50-50 chances of Passing disorders. 1981 Breakage (Fragile) of X chromosome found at site of gene abnormality using cytogenetic techniques.

    CGG repeats unaffected individuals have 40 repeats. Grey Zone 1:260 women an 1:800 are estimated to have the prematuration. Normal 5 to 40 CGG repeats Grey Zone 40 to 50. prematuration 55 to 200. Full maturation 200. Frequency of Fragile X Syndrome is 1:3600 to 4000 male are affected. 1:400-600 female are affected. Appearance of affected males normal appearance at birth. Female carriers with prematuration 20-25% have FX primary ovarian insufficiency.

    Carrier male unusual. Early treatment and intervention educational interventions are necessary. Education therapy required. The future of Fragile X neurons affected by mGluR abnormalities are not destroyed. Compounds to dampan mGluR.

    The Mission is divine – it is to address the advancements in managing developmental disabilities.

  • Dr.Audrey Griesbach

  • Ms. Yolanda Gama Moreno MA, ECSE, Director and Founder of Multiple Disability Services for children who are blind and visually impaired with multiple disabilities. She has trained several professionals as well as she holds a track of years of training in vision stimulation.

    Topic: Effective Practices & Early Childhood Special Education.
  • Ms.Yolanda Gama Mornino


The event was marked by the presence of honorable members for the inauguration such as, Mr. K.V. Rajanna – Commissioner of Karnataka State Commission for Disabled & Senior Citizen, Dr. H. Veerabhadrappa – President of Karnataka Medical Council, Dr K.S. SriPrakash – Vice chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. Dr. Prabhakara G.N. – Chairman, Karnataka Medical Council as well as Ms. Manasa Devi – Assistant Commissioner of Karnataka State Commission for Disabled and Senior Citizen.


Beginning from 9 am, the event followed until 4:45 pm, following the Inauguration, the session 1 was by Dr. Ryan H. Kotton on Recent Advances in Management of Neuromuscular Developmental Disabilities (a multidisciplinary team approach).

The session 2 was by Dr. Audrey Griesbach, where an overview of Fragile X was given. This session was followed by a short tea break. The session 3 was initiated by Dr. Khaled A. Tawansy on Retinal Implants and Artificial Vision. Session 4 was by Dr. Anshu Batra on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This session was followed by the lunch break.

The session 5 was by Prof. (Dr.) J.M. Hans on Neuro-Plasticity. Session 6 was by Dr. Jennifer Kaur Rodriguez Sohal on Neuromuscular Scoliosis versus Congenital Scoliosis.
The session 7 was on Developmental Biomechanics by Ms. Nancy Dilger.


Session 1 was by Ms. Yolanda Gama Moreno on effective practices and early childhood special education. Session 2 was by Ms. Diana Dennis on educating children with special needs in the least restrictive environment. This was followed by a short tea break.

Dr. Ryan H. Kotton presented the 3rd session on Spasticity and the upper motor neuron syndrome. Session 4 was by Dr. Khaled A. Tawansy briefing on the management of Paediatric Retinal Vascular Diseases.

After these session, there was a wonderful performance by the Special School children as well as VKIDS children followed by Vote of Thanks.

The workshop sessions were held post lunch break. This was followed by the Banquet which began at 7:00 pm.


The workshop session was held from 1 pm to 5 pm

  • Dr. Ryan H. Kotton held an active session on treating spasticity, focusing on botulinum toxin use.
    In the Department of Physiotherapy: Dr. Kotton injected botox in children with spastic deformities. He had injected in the calf muscles, thigh muscles.
    This procedure is quite interesting and this procedure can be conducted in our Institute collaboration with Orthopeadic Specialists.
  • Dr. Khaled A. Tawansy performed a live surgery focusing on ultrasound as a tool for planning retinal surgery.
  • Dr. Audrey Griesbach demonstrated on specific LD and Behaviors of Fragile X Syndrome.
  • Prof. (Dr.) J.M. Hans performed a live surgery on cochlear implantation.
  • Dr. Anshu Batra focused on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Dr. Jennifer Kaur Rodriguez Sohal performed a live spine surgery.
  • Ms. Yolanda Gama Moreno demonstrated on Functional Vision Assessment.
  • Ms. Diana Dennis performed on Cortical Vision Impairment.
  • Ms. Nancy Dilger conducted Assessment (postural/structural assessment, assessing movement strategies), treatment and interventions, equipment-positioning, lower extremity Orthotic intervention(s) based on kinetic markers.
    In the Department of Occupational Therapy: Madam demonstrated to the concerned specialists in the department, the proper procedure of giving Physiotherapy to the innocent children suffering from spastic deformities of upper and lower limbs.

WORKSHOP SESSION HELD ON DAYS 3, 4 and 5(4th to 6th of December 2013)

  • Case presentations were done by Dr. Ryan H. Kotton, Dr. Audrey Griesbach, Dr. Anshu Batra and Dr. Jennifer Kaur Rodriguez Sohal.
  • Dr. Nancy Dilger has done an assessment for intervention and treatment plans.
  • Ms. Diana Dennis has done a case presentation on cortical vision impairment.
  • Ms. Yolanda Gama Moreno has performed a case presentation on Functional Vision Assessment.

To conclude, several practitioners came together with the common aim on rehabilitation of patients with developmental disabilities and a very active participation as well as lively demonstrations has made the whole event a huge success.

Mrs. D.A.Kalpaja was honoured with INDIRA GANDHI SADBHAVNA AWARD

Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Award presented to Mrs. D.A.Kalpaja for Outstanding Individual Achievements & Distinguished Services to the Nation by His Excellency Dr. s.C. Jamir, Governor of Odisha on the 96th Birth Anniversary of Late Smt. Indira Gandhi on 21st November 2013 at New Delhi.